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There was once...

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There was once…


A. The conversation about the opening phrase tells us that the introduction of a character is very important. It can already cause people to make judgements of the character that is being introduced. Each word describes something about the girl and some may translate what they understand to such an extreme which probably was not intended by the one who wrote the story.

B. The second speaker objects to how the story teller was portraying the kind of surroundings the girl had. The second speaker stresses on the fact that the society has changed and that it was inappropriate to use the common old places humans used to live. (The forest) He is very cautious of the kinds of words that are used, for they may paint a completely wrong picture for a character.  He relates the word poor with reality by insisting that such a word is only appropriate to be used towards someone who actually has nothing and lives on the streets, sleeping in cardboard boxes. He objects to the use of the word beautiful

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C. The main principle behind these objections is that one needs to be extremely careful about the words he/she decides to use to describe something or someone. One word could mean a million things and because of that readers or listeners may get the wrong image painted in their minds. For example the use of the word poor can be viewed in different ways. It could mean that she is poor in the sense that she is unlucky because she suffers with the so called ‘wicked’ stepmother or she could literally be poor with no money nor shelter to keep her at least safe. Words can easily influence and alter the ways of thinking in the human mind. They (words) in a way can deceive the way one perceives things portraying maybe and extremely positive or negative person/ thing/lifestyle.

D. I think the principle is reasonable, however one has to take into consideration that not everyone has the time to patiently sit down and think carefully before picking out words to use.

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-Now the use of this word evil. Was the kid that bad? Evil is a very strong word, and has different meanings. Do you mean that he was morally bad or wrong (wickedness) or was he someone that caused destruction?

- Well the boy was extremely naughty and never listened to his brothers.

-I don’t think that gives you the right to judge him by calling him evil.

-Well I just thought I was emphasising how much of a headache he was and how no one could not tolerate him.

-Still that is too much of a harsh word. It does not even describe what you have just explained. It’s too extreme.

-Hmm perhaps you’re right. How about this ‘There was once a boy whose shoulders leaned forward making him walk with an awkward step, who was as naughty as can be that lived in the city with his brothers.

-That is a lot better but I still feel we could change the ‘leaned forward making him walk awkward part’ It makes the sentence too long and boring but it’s alright for now

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Comparing length of words in newspapers section.

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