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A Critical Comparison of the Gender Representations in Two Print Adverts.

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A Critical Comparison of the Gender Representations in Two Print Adverts Introduction The representation of men and women in a stereotypical sense is very different. The representations of women in mediated stereotypical adverts are delicate, feminine, gentle and very beautiful, whereas men are represented in a stereotypical way very differently. Men are represented as powerful, strong, athletic, dirty, aggressive, emotionless and have a strong camaraderie with other men. This representation of the sexes is not a representation of reality though. Images for magazines are mediated. Anything such as an image is mediated, this is because the image is not the same as reality. If a picture is taken of someone's head that is not reality, it is a mediated close-up on someone's face. More mediation can take place of the image is taken though, images can be airbrushed, stretched, smoothed and changed to how the advertisers want. This is the reason that people want to look like the men and women in the advert because the seam physically perfect. Adverts have a large affect on men and women, women especially on who they should be and what they should look like. The problem with this is that it is an unachievable goal for most people. ...read more.


A motorbike like many powerful things are known as 'big boy's toys' and that it is respectful to have something such as that. Motorbikes are also noisy and dirty, they have oil dripping out of them and make a loud noise when started up. Men are also seen as dirty and resembles a stereotypical feel that men even if wearing smart clothes are dirty. The model has no hair and is bold. Hair can be used as an image but so can boldness, it can be seen as a statement but also as a personal thing. Social groups can have stereotypical hair cuts, such as spiked coloured hair for skaters, shaved side and long hair (mullet) for motorcyclists or heavy metal enthusiasts. Hair can show a person and who they are because to look after hair can take a long time and being bold doesn't take time to brush hair which leaves more time. This can show than men are busy and hard working, they don't have time to style hair because they have so much to do. The flower is the same colour as the models lipstick. Lips and lipstick can be related to passion according to certain people, subsequently a kiss is very romantic and passionate. ...read more.


This relates to the beauty myth because even is one person or a few people may find something beautiful or repulsive many people may see it completely differently and this is why some people believe the beauty myth no longer exist or ever did exist. The two adverts do fit well as stereotypical adverts for men and women. The Ben Sherman advert relates to men using a footballer as the model to advertise the product which can then relate to many people on different levels. The advert for Kenzo perfume relates to women in that there is a beautiful woman on the front of it which encourages women to buy it in hope they may become more like that model. Men and women can be used to create tension though because they are opposites and can be seen as good and evil. What I believe is that if there was no diversity in how people look then everybody would look the same and eventually we would get tired of looking at each other, and then maybe different and unusual may become attractive. This is the reason why people don't look the same because each individual person enjoys different things and want different things. Most people think being able to have many different things is a luxury and that is why there will never be a time when everyone is the same. Ben Wilkins Ben Wilkins, English Coursework, 10u2 ...read more.

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