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An analysis of the Levi's commercial produced by Bartle, Bogie and Hegerty in the 1980's.

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An analysis of the Levi's commercial produced by Bartle, Bogie and Hegerty in the 1980's When jeans were first produced in the 1870's, the majority of them were worn by miners, simply because of there durability. They also became popular in the 1950's and 60's because movie stars used to wear them and people, mainly teenagers, would copy what the actors in films were doing and were wearing. The generation of the 50's who were into Levi's jeans stayed in to jeans even in to their adult hood, but the jeans didn't really catch on with the new generation of teenagers. To overcome this problem Levi's employed the advertising company BB&H to create a new range of advertising to attract the younger generations of the 1980's. BB&H had to create adverts which would make teenagers of the 80's become more familiar and more attracted to Levi's jeans. They made adverts which made it seem to untrained eye that it was cool to wear Levi branded jeans. ...read more.


The cool guy then uses his Levi's to tie the two cars together via their bumpers and the girl chooses to ride with the cool guy in his car. They start towing but he 'accidentally shifts gears too hard and the bumper falls off, leaving the other guy stranded in the desert once again. The newly formed couple drive off into the distance. Then we see the slogan 'separates men from the boys', which tells the viewer that if they wear Levi's jeans then they are a cool hot man. In the advert the scene is a desert and it is hot, and the cool guy is sweating, which indicates that he is 'hot'. When he checks the broken car he takes off his bandana to check the oil, which shows he knows more about cars than the other guy does, and that he knows what he is looking for. The style of the 'mis en scene' is the style of the 60's. ...read more.


The expressions on the older people's faces was disgust because they would have seen that as being an uncalled for act, but the expressions on the young people's faces was that they liked what they were seeing and this creates an image that the Levi's jeans are in fashion for younger generations i.e. the teenagers (the rebels of the time). The Levi's jeans were fashionable again! I think that the advertising company was very successful; they had made a very convincing group of adverts which would have influenced many people to buy the product. I think that this high popularity has made Levi's a leading brand of jeans in today's world. Their success has continued into the Twenty First Century and Levi's and their reputation for making good quality, long lasting jeans will carry on for a long time. Levi's are probably world known and their products are probably sold all over the world as well. Written By Alex Scully ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Scully 10LAWR 10M ...read more.

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