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Analyse the cover of Sugar magazine.

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Analyse the cover of Sugar magazine. How does the cover of Sugar appeal to teenage girls? The target audience of Sugar magazine are teenage girls aged from 14 to 17, who are interested in fashion, celebrities, beauty cosmetics and music. The front cover of the magazine suggests that the readers may feel anxious over their relationships with boys as they have an article "Are you annoying the boy you fancy" and "MCFly: their latest love-life traumas". The audience are obviously very interested in stories about stars and celebrities, and probably use pictures of them to provide role models of beauty, fame and success. The magazine assumes that readers will want to read about the lives of other teenage girls and their personal experiences as the magazine contains "11 tragic real lives - They day the tabloids destroyed my life. My dad's in jail...and I put him in there". The readers may feel insecure about their style and are seeking tips and advice on current trends. "Miracle jeans to suit your body shape page 60". "231 sexy fashion buys" indicates that readers can look and feel great if they follow their recommendations featured in the magazine. ...read more.


Her hair is loose and just left to down. This makes her look subtle yet pretty which appeals to the reader. Jessica is smiling straight at the camera which gives the reader a friendly vibe about her, making more readers want to read about her. This creates a connection between the central image and the readers because she's giving a sociable and joyful first impression just at looking her image from her body language. Sugar have already represented Jessica Simpson as a happy positive celebrity which will attract more readers. The anchorage text that links the central image is "Jessica- the truth about me and nick". By using only her first name readers will instantly feel closer to her. The background of the magazine is summery with a bright blue sky and white clouds. This links with the central image because Jessica Simpson is dressed in summery light casual clothes which connote the summer theme of the magazine. The magazine features many different flashes to advertise the contents of the magazine in a catchy and exciting way in order to attract more readers. ...read more.


The competitions "win �5,000 instantly" tell us that the reader may be short of cash and could do with this amount of money to spend on clothes and beauty cosmetics. The Free Lad Mag indicates that you are getting two magazines for the price of one. The magazine costs �2.10. The magazine is fairly cheap compared to a fashion magazine like vogue which costs �3.90. This is because the vogue target audience are for older females who have jobs so they can afford to pay that much of a magazine. The Sugar target audience are still at school which means they don't have as much money to spend on magazines. Their disposable income they receive is they only way they can afford to buy magazine so the Sugar publishers have to take into consideration that they aren't over-pricing their magazine for their target audience. The mis-en-scene of this magazine is summery and fresh. This creates a sexy summery fun effect on the reader because the central image is smiling at the camera indicating she is having fun. This is reflected in the personality of the target audience because they are fun-loving and happy. By Danielle Reeve ...read more.

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