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analysis of a campaign leaflet on endangered species

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Analysis of a campaign leaflet I will analyse the effectiveness of my leaflet which is for the association H.E.S (Help Endangered Species.). I chose this subject because I have always loved animals and wanted to protect them. This analysis will be about the views expressed, the use of language, the presentation and layout, finally about the effectiveness of the leaflet. The purpose of my leaflet was to make people aware of what humans were doing to animals, how cute and innocent creatures were being killed for no reason. I think it is not right to kill what nature is giving us. We have one life just like the animals and everything alive so I don't think we should mess it up. ...read more.


The use of facts makes the leaflet more trustworthy or reliable. The language used in my leaflet is more of a kind of formal. I also used short sentences with facts so that I would obtain a better effect. The use of strong words was also quite good for example: Help, slaughter, club, shoot, extinct. In the leaflet direct address was used like YOU and WE to make people more involved. In the second page in my leaflet I used firstly, secondly, thirdly to show that to help endangered species you have to do this. There was also a repetition of HELP used throughout the leaflet to insist people of working with us. The leaflet's layout is an A4 sheet folded in half and photos which stick to the text to make people feel sorrier for animals. ...read more.


I chos the pictures on the front because they are cute and they make people feel sorry when they know that they get killed. For the statistics I decided to choose the colour red because most of the time it talks about the number of deaths. I used capitals for the important words such as WE, HELP so that it stays in the audiences mind. In conclusion I think the leaflet achieved its objectives which were to warn people of the danger that animals are running. It is quite effective but the language could have been improved. The presentation devices are nicely done and makes the important facts stand out but the amount of text could have been longer I will try to use this for the next leaflet I do. ...read more.

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