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Compare the advertisements for the Dominican Republic and the New Zealand. Analyse the ways in which each product is advertised and explain any similarities and differences between them.

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GCSE Media Coursework Compare the advertisements for the Dominican Republic and the New Zealand. Analyse the ways in which each product is advertised and explain any similarities and differences between them. I am going to compare two different holiday advertisements persuading people to buy and enjoy their holiday. The two holiday advertisements are The Dominican Republic and 100%PureNew Zealand. I am going to compare the different techniques used to influence the audience. The New Zealand and the Dominican Republic advertisements are both about holidays and persuading people to come there. The New Zealand advertisement has a website that the audience can access more information from about the holiday. The Dominican Republic does not have a website. The two advertisements both have a contact number where customers can contact them on. The two advertisements are both about hot, sunny beach holidays. The two advertisements have used different images to make the audience feel in a certain way and to make it interesting and to capture the audience. The two advertisements are showing two particular holidays to appeal to two different target audiences. ...read more.


The language they use to describe their advert is that "The sense of freedom" and golden sand of eastern beaches. They used language like inspiration, "let the imagination run wild", the things you'd never dream of doing at home. Its trying to make their advert interesting, appealing, attractive and fun. The New Zealand ad to sell their holiday they use language like "Let the imagination run wild" and " the things you'd never dream of doing at home" they use language like this because to tell their audience its something that you can do at home and that you have to go and experience it for your self and its saying let your imagination run a bit wild so that you can enjoy the memorable holiday. It is persuading their target audience to come their. The New Zealand advert does not have a catchy or memorable phrase about their advert. The Dominican Republic is aiming their advert at young adults who like to go out there and do activities and enjoy them self. ...read more.


They keep on repeating the word "here" they are trying to emphasise that you want to go and you can go and do and see things for yourself when your there that's why they keep repeating the word "here" The overall effectiveness of both advertisements are good and are both convincing and persuasive. The holidays are both interesting in there own ways and they would get a lot of people to go there. My personal favourite holiday is the Dominican Republic holiday because as there is lots to see and do and I like there slogan and I like the bright colours they have used. There is lots of activities to do like swimming and looking at places. I do not like the New Zealand holiday as it is more of a relaxing holiday and its not the type of holiday where you see scenario and do things. The Dominican Republic is more out going of a holiday that's why it my favourite. ...read more.

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