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Comparison Of Two Adverts.

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Comparison Of Two Adverts Television is a popular form of entertainment throughout Great Britain, and is also one of the most popular ways to advertise through. The power of attracting costumers through the advert is based upon the persuasiveness of the advert. I will compare and contrast two adverts below to show how they provide their persuasive touch. The first advert is the Virgin Mobile advert which is giving away free mobile phone call minutes. This is the sequel to 'The Wycliffe Advert' in which Wycliffe, who is a famous celebrity, still remains trapped in a middle-aged women's house, who outwitted Wycliffe by asking for his autograph, but infact, tricks him into signing a contract, which makes him trapped in her house. This advert uses many close-up shots, because the change in expression of Wycliffe as he is continuously being held captive is where the majority of this adverts humour comes from. What happens is, we see the establishing shot of the middle aged Texan women telling Wycliffe of how badly she's sweating in the heat to locate the time of place of the advert, and we can easily identify her to the Wycliffe series of adverts due to her appearance in the previous advert. ...read more.


Then, a narrator's voiceover is added near the end, adding the catch phrase to the advert- "Be careful what you sign, with virgin mobile you can earn free minutes without signing your life away". This single phrase will stick in the viewers mind, as after they watch Wycliffe's humorous ordeal, they will remember about not signing contracts to people you can't trust, so the phrase will be remembered. Also, this whole advert is packed into an advertising slot lasting just less than 30 seconds, so it doesn't need to take much of the viewer's time. This advert will probably get most viewers after about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, after many people from work and teenagers from school come back home, because these are the kind of people who buy mobile phones and use them a lot. The values shown by this advert is that you cannot trust everyone. The second advert is the sequel of the John Smith's advert, with Peter Kay given the part of John Smith. This is an adequate part for John Kay, because he is a famous comedian and well recognised. ...read more.


His dive is not at all fancy; it is just a dive bomb, which splashes the judges. The sounds in this advert are adequate for this advert, as they are the sound like any diving competition would. This advert will appeal to any average adult that is into sports, as this is the regular theme of these John Smiths adverts. Using the theme as sport, the viewers can relate the advert to themselves, which increases the beer's persuasiveness to sell. Nothing but a beer glass full of beer with the logo of John Smiths is written on the glass which is actually relevant to the product, but only this needs to be done to sell this widely know product. Nothing even has to be said, it is a widely known logo throughout the UK. If someone in the advert said, "buy John Smiths beer" it would be a waste of time and money. In conclusion, I'd say that these two adverts both have humour in common, and that is what will attract the average viewer to watch the adverts. Both adverts have their own persuasive qualities; the Wycliffe advert uses Wycliffe's odd situations that he gets in, and works the humour from that, whereas the John Smith's advert is not funny until the very end. ...read more.

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