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Creating a 10 Minute Film Script

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BTEC National Diploma in Media (Television and film) Unit 23: Writing for Television and Video 05/10/08 Project Title: Creating a 10 Minute Film Script Task 3 Black Star The 10 minute film is called Black Star, it's a Suspense and policial genre film, which is aimed to audiences of young people and mature as well, its unique selling point is the complex and controversial story that each individual of the film has to tell, with full of tense scenes and a final twist to the story that will make people interested and make them think about it, even when the 10 minutes has gone by, it also tells a story and a perspective never seen before in a gangster film, taking away all the boredom of the people watching it, making them guessing what will happen next till the last minute of the film, packed with all the action and raw brutality that is a convention on a gangster film, plus the special effects that some scenes will have. I believe this short film has all the ingredients needed for a great success. The initial scenario seen on the film is the heroine walking up to a night club, in a hot dress, lighting up her cigarette and then going in. ...read more.


she enters into one of the doors and the scene suddenly changes to inside the room with all the gangsters there, Leonhart asks one of the bouncers to go check in her, as he goes in, he starts to check in each door for Elizabeth as he slams through it, till he reaches the last, only to found that Elizabeth had suicide by an overdose of medicaments, we see the medicaments lay down in the ground and Elizabeth face with blood on her mouth, with white bubbles coming out as well, the game goes on and then comes the time for Leonhart to lose, after he loses he attempts to kill one of the bouncers behind him, that's when suddenly we hear some voices from the Police, saying that they had the place surrounded, by then only, Leonhart, Lowelry and Carter Jones are in the room since the rest had runned away, Lowelry driven by the rage to avenge his father only focus his attention on Carter Jones and Carter Jones only focus on him as well, Leonhart becomes confused and being shoot by the two as he tries to get some attention, then after some conversation between Carter and Lowelry, Lowelry shoots at Carter Jones with some help of ...read more.


* Since her mother died when she was born, she has afraid the same may happen to her, * She has a machist and manly personality Private: * In the morning she works in the department till afternoon, then lonely she buys beer at a local shop, and goes home, she usually runs at night, she spends a lot of time training and at midnight she wonders off collecting information and data. * She has three cats, one bird. * Usually her house is always a mess, since she doesn't have the time and patience for cleaning. * She has a motorcycle Kawasaki The Need: * The need of the Character is a frontal confrontation with the man who screwed her life and killed her father, a drug dealer, she has been for years searching for. * In my screenplay she enters an illegal poker game, said to reunite the greatest gangsters, she enters there in disguise in hope to find Carter Jones. * To be able to have chance on hitting him, she has to win the poker game and be able to create an atmosphere where she can catch Carter Jones. ...read more.

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