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Describe a range of covert and overt advertising - Why do advertisers use these techniques to sell or promote goods and services?

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Melissa Ford 14th February 2003 Describe a range of covert and overt advertising. Why do advertisers use these techniques to sell or promote goods and services? There are many types of advertising, being either covert or overt, but all having a purpose for its use and many advantages and disadvantages to the advertisers who chose to use it. One of the most common types of advertising is PR (public relations) and can be a very vital part of an institutions' general impression to others. Having a PR can be very beneficial as the PR works to promote a positive image to the public and also limit the damage of any negative images associated with that institution. Although having a PR is very expensive, it can also be extremely helpful to ones career, for example, pop singer 'Britney Spears' was recently given a negative image by newspapers and magazines linking her with drinking habits and bad behaviour. ...read more.


Commercial television like ITV relies on its advertisers to fund them as they can only continue running if they keep getting advertisers, so therefore the advertising rates rise resulting in lack of new products, consequently making them chose an alternative route like commercial radio. Although commercial radio can have the same problem that television does, it is much cheaper. Radio has thought to have taken over television as it appeals to a young audience. Advertisers may chose to use the radio to advertise or promote its product as they are almost guaranteed an audience as those who drive home from work listen to the radio in their cars to either find out traffic information or just to keep them entertained. Some advertisers may chose to advertise in print, this being magazines, newspapers and flyers. For an advertisers they may chose this option as they will have a guaranteed audience who by that type of magazine, i.e. ...read more.


Although this kind of advertising is very expensive it can be very effective and thousands of people everyday pass billboards in their cars or wait at bus shelters with adshell. Cinema advertising is overt and is very expected from the audience when they go to see a film as they expect to see adverts and trailers before the film begins. To help with a film success, advertisers may decide to send the cinema extra things like cardboard cutouts, posters, flyers, etc. For advertisers this is good because they have a guaranteed audience as the consumers have paid for a ticket to come and see that film. Teaser trailers and regular trailers give the audience a taste of what the film will be about, giving a hint to its narrative and showing the films unique selling point. Advertisers may chose to show their teaser trailer at a film of a similar genre as then they are guaranteed an audience who will be interested by what they are seeing. Word Count: 1005 ...read more.

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