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Empire magazine Comparing spiderman 1,2 & 3

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Think of a great movie trilogy. Chances are you've come up with Star Wars (the originals, of course). Or the Wish master flicks. Now think of a great comic-book movie trilogy. Chances are you've thought of Superman, Batman, all them. The first two films of Superman and Batman films were amazing, full of excitement and then the third is such a letdown! Is Spiderman 3 going the same way as the Superman and Batman films? The ideal trilogy should boost existing themes and visual motifs, while introducing new characters that drive the story to unexplored heights. The Spiderman trilogy had all the potential in the world to become that great trilogy: with Sam Raimi at the helm the first two films triumphed at the box office and, more importantly, were crackers. It's a shame that, Spider-Man 3 is somewhat seen as damped squib in comparison to the other films. But we can't deny when Spiderman 3 came out it wiped out all the contenders of the film arena, however didn't make us much as Spiderman 1 and 2. ...read more.


Surely this isn't a good example of a hero! Also in Spiderman 2 Raimi manages to weave this illusion theme into his idea of what it means to be a hero. Parker several times tries to give up the Spider-life to fulfil his emotional need for Mary Jane. But EVERYONE aspires to be spiderman sometimes, what a letdown. Sam Raimi really thumps his heroism fists into our brains with the classic hero speech, complete with the tremendous close up reaction shots and stirring of the non diegetic romantic violin composition throughout the speech, Cheesy or what! So it was time for Spidey to become the neighbourhood hero everyone wanted back in the crime filled town. Raimi used the obvious cinematographic effects to emphasize Spidey coming back in Spiderman 2 by the symbolism of the fallen glasses of the old Peter Parker and the extreme close up of the clenched fist symbolizing strength, emotion and revenge. Peter Parker is a very selfish individual in Spiderman 3 this is obvious because in Spidey 1 and 2 his costume, hair and makeup is very nerdy and pasty as good peter parker, ...read more.


He said, "I explained to them who the character is - which, after all, is my job. This isn't like casting a young Superman," He points out "I wanted to cast someone who isn't necessarily that handsome, while they perhaps wanted to cast someone with a track record with box office and with action movies. I had to explain that this isn't necessarily an action movie. We're making a movie about Peter Parker - We're going to watch this boy grow up and become a hero, not because he beats up the bad guy but because he pushes aside his own self-interest for the betterment of others." Well there we are Raimi sums it up he wanted to keep the human elements to show Peter Parker developing as a hero and develop he does. For all you Spidey lovers you may be disappointed watching this trilogy because we don't like what's happened to Spidey but overall all the Spiderman trilogy are still smart, still exciting and still show amazing jeopardizes and spectacles . Spiderman 3 is an excellent film based on the human elements of Spiderman. ...read more.

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