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A music video is entirely determined by the genre of the music track. With reference to two music videos explore how far this statement is true. (Aphex Twin " Come To Daddy, Michael Jackson " Thriller)

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Coursework Assignment 1 "A music video is entirely determined by the genre of the music track". With reference to two music videos explore how far this statement is true. (Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy, Michael Jackson - Thriller) A music video is a filmed or videotaped product designed to aid in the presentation of a music track to its audience. It is a commercial product, often featuring a performance of the track by the artist, or simply a way of selling the track in a certain style, visually. A musical genre refers to a class or category of artistic endeavour having a particular form. The Aphex Twin video, Come To Daddy, is certainly one of the most eccentric music videos that I have analysed. It intertwines elements of different genres, to produce a video so dissimilar to reality. The director, Chris Cunningham, wanted to make an impact with this video, which he did with distinguished style and distinction, as we have seen from him so many times previously in his works, e.g. Leftfield's Africa Shox. The video starts with a rather gentle and sombre feel to it, where you see an old woman walking her dog. ...read more.


This video emphasises that point as there are not many music videos that have to be shown late at night due to their content. Madonna saw this video and decided that she wanted Cunningham to direct the video for her song Frozen. This again was a big success and excelled his status and capability of creating a good music video. This, to me, really shows how much a director can influence a music video's style/format. This video was set in a city that one would imagine was quite large. It was mostly shot in a nasty and derelict side of town, where vandalism is common, and graffiti lines the walls. In the long shots of the area around where it is set, you can see run down buildings and office blocks. There are is one main set, which is where the old woman comes across the television. It is in a square, amongst a block of flats, and you can see many bin bags and rubbish just lying around. This could be to emphasise the nasty nature of the creature inside the television, and give a visual representation to his personality. ...read more.


Much later in the 'short-film', we can observe an exceptional use of a panning shot as the zombies encircle our central characters, portraying a strong feeling of enclosure. The effectiveness of this product as a whole, although rather dated, is extraordinary. All of the different techniques of tension building, camerawork and editing that have been incorporated into a single music video make this one of the most successful concoctions of its time. Although the Aphex Twin video would almost undeniably suggest that there are several other factors which depict the final product of a music video, Thriller does the opposite. The Thriller music track is unmistakeably of the horror genre, and the same could be said for the music video itself. If a successful music video is defined as one which reiterates and expands upon the ideas that a soundtrack portrays, then it would be impossible to suggest that this product could be anything but the genre of the track itself. Through Chris Cunningham's work, we notice a distinct hidden meaning within the video, however, to completely prove the essay statement to be true, Michael Jackson's Thriller can be described to be no more than a carefully constructed version of the music track, in visual form. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joshua Zar´┐Ż 10A/10Sf ...read more.

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