Media Music Video Analysis Example - Coffee & TV

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Music Video Analysis – Coffee and TV

The song Coffee and TV is by a band called Blur. The music video is about an animated milk carton who decides to leave home because no one has given him any attention. During his journey the milk carton faced many hazards such as nearly being hit by a motorbike. Near the end of his journey the milk carton stops at a window. The milk carton discovers the missing person whose picture is on the back of the carton itself. The missing person is playing the Coffee and TV song with his band. The milk carton falls through the window and the missing person picks it up. The missing person turns out to be the lead singer of the band. The man and the milk carton take a bus to go back to his family. Once there the man drinks the milk, the milk dies and floats up to heaven.

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          This music video is around 6 minutes long. Usually a music video lasts around 3 – 4 minutes. Most music videos have the artist lip sync throughout the video but in this video they have used animation and then near the end you see the artist sing the song. They have not used any lighting in this music video as they have mostly filmed outside in the broad daylight. In this video they have showed how a character can change their emotion very quickly. They have used no choreography in the video whereas most music ...

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