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How to write an Enterprise news story - New Restaurant Opens

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O?Neil New Restaurant by UD New Mediterranean Restaurant by UD to Offer Unique, Multi-Cultural Tastes DAYTON, Ohio (Dec. 4, 2012) -- Brown Street?s recent and, most would argue inconvenient road work next to the University of Dayton?s campus, may have distracted most people from noticing a more exciting, smaller scale construction project that may bring more joy to students and residents of the area than the long awaited completion of the road work. Brown St. will soon be home to Shish Wraps, a Mediterranean sandwich shop that will be offering customers made-to-order wraps in a quick service restaurant style. ...read more.


Abboud said he wants to use his Lebanese heritage to introduce something new and different to the Dayton area. Abboud attended the University of Dayton and graduated in 2000 which influenced his decision to open his first restaurant next door to his alma mater. ?My brother and I knew that the vibrant Dayton campus was the perfect place to launch our dream.? said Abboud. The concept of the restaurant combines their family heritage with their mother?s shish kabob recipes. ?I?m taking the cultural ingredients that my mom made and carrying it over,? Abboud said. ...read more.


He expects students from the University of Dayton to be his main clientele, but welcomes customers from Miami Valley Hospital, Downtown and anyone from the Dayton area that wants delicious Lebanese inspired Mediterranean food at affordable prices which, he said the area does not currently offer. Abboud said he hopes to eventually open multiple locations or franchise. Shish Wraps is another great addition to the Dayton area and the growing University of Dayton campus. It is the most recent addition to a growing number of multi-cultural restaurants on Brown St., such as Fusian and North Village, both of which became popular overnight with students and residents alike. For more information or to view Shish Wraps menu visit the restaurants? website at www.shishwraps.com. end ...read more.

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