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In this essay I will be comparing advertisements for Oxfam and CCF. The Oxfam advert is about weapons and I will be comparing it to the advert from Christian Children's fund (CCF) advert about the people in the third world countries in poverty.

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COMPARE THE NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT FOR OXFAM TO THE NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT PRODUCED BY THE CCF. ANALYSE HOW THE DIFFERENT CHARITIES TRY TO PERSUADE US TO CHANGE OUR VIEWS AND/OR DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM AND CONSIDER THE DIFFICULTIES THE DIFFERENT GROUPS FACE WHEN COMPETING WITH ONE ANOTHER FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC. In this essay I will be comparing advertisements for Oxfam and CCF. The Oxfam advert is about weapons and I will be comparing it to the advert from Christian Children's fund (CCF) advert about the people in the third world countries in poverty. Both of the adverts are very persuasive in many ways. The essay will focus on the language, purpose, layout and images of both adverts. I will be discussing the techniques used in the advertisements, which makes the reader want to read on. I will be writing about what effect the advert has on the reader. The Oxfam advert is about how people are being injured, if not dying from the use of weapons being in the wrong hands. The advert basically wants us to agree that the laws are not strong enough concerning weapons because as British citizens we can do something about this law. Where as the CCF advert is more brusque, it is asking for the reader to sponsor a child in a third world country, the advert says that the child's parents are too emaciated to give a good life to their child. ...read more.


It is bold but not that big. There is a use of assonance in, 'mother...father... love her.' It makes it stick in your mind. I think the Oxfam headline is overall more effective and interesting, the use of puns makes you think when you're reading it. In both advertisements the headline and caption are the same thing. The caption in the Oxfam advert read, 'look me in the eye and tell me that arms controls are tough enough,' assonance is used as a technique. It makes it sound more interesting and makes it more memorable. Alliteration is also very easy to remember. 'The,' 'tell,' and 'that' are all examples of alliteration. The caption in the CCF reads, 'Amie has a mother and father that love her... so why does she need a sponsor like you?' This is a rhetorical question, which is answered in the text. These kind of questions make the reader think, 'why?' As a caption I think the CCF advert is more affective because it makes the reader want to know the answer to the question and makes them want to read on. The logo for Oxfam is very well known and recognisable. It is placed at the bottom right hand corner of the advertisements. ...read more.


It is laid out in a very simple way. The text contains many facts and figures about weapons and murders, there is also a pun in the text, 'a code that stops arms falling into the wrong hands,' it is talking about weapons, but we do not usually refer to weapons as arms. Towards the end of the text it says, 'only then can EU leaders look us in the eyes and...' this is because we have two eyes to look in to, the girl in the picture only has one so the heading says eye. Both advertisements have very different layouts, which is good. This is because it gives us a contrast on the adverts. Both of the advertisements are powerful in there own ways. I think the CCF advert is overall more powerful and effective. The Oxfam advert makes you think and fight. Where as the CCF is persuading you to pay money monthly. Above all Oxfam is a better know charity than CCF, so more people would probably read Oxfam's advertisements. I would choose to support the CCF because everybody should have a home to go to and food to eat. When we are starving we want food straight away, but there they probably have to wait for a long time, and the Oxfam's request is much more complicated and would take long as well. Priyum Popat 10RR English Ms. Brown ...read more.

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