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In this essay I will be explaining how the film Shrek comically reverses the expectations of a traditional fairy tale

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Shrek We as an audience think of a traditional fairy tale as a beautiful, kind, young and sweet princess will be guarded in the claws of a terrible ogre, witch or dragon. There will be a curse cast upon the princess, which is to be broken by "true love and true love's first kiss". The brave and handsome prince who will slay the beast thus wins the heart of the beautiful princess. That is the basis of a typical, traditional and stereotypical fairy tale like "Sleeping Beauty" or "Beauty and the Beast". These are just 2 of hundreds of traditional fairy tales. In this essay I will be explaining how the film "Shrek" comically reverses the expectations of a traditional fairy tale and how it uses intertextuality and self-reference in this humorous adventure of an ugly ogre. ...read more.


This self-referential quote shows the rudeness and arrogance of the beast leading you to believe that this character is the villain. In this paragraph I will be showing what's different. First we think of a noble steed to be strong, fearless and to be a beautiful white-coated horse, but Shrek's " noble steed" is a donkey who runs for Shrek at the face of danger, is annoying and clumsy like when he doesn't want to cross the bridge to go and save the princess. Next I will explain how lord Farquart differs to traditional fairy tale. Handsome prince are usually tall, have blond hair. They boldly go and rescue the beautiful princess from the clutches of a terrible fire- breathing dragon. ...read more.


The talent is one princess do not usually possesses. This shows the film is not a clone of being traditional but coincidently it does have a traditional cruel enchantment on which can only be broken by "true love and true loves first kiss". The last thing I'm going to write about is the end. The ending is semi traditional because true love finds its self but coincidently it's not with a prince and princess but with an ogre and a princess. Another traditional conclusion is when the curse is broken by trueloves first kiss where love will take its true form, (therefore the princess becomes an ogre). This will come to a surprise to an as audience because we believed that the curse would be broken thus the princess will turn back to normal. But there is a traditional "happy ever after" ending (apart from lord Farquad). Ben Stockley 10KN 1 of 3 ...read more.

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