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In this essay I will be looking at two adverts. One from the television and another from the radio. They are both the same advert from RSPCA's "swim".

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In this essay I will be looking at two adverts. One from the television and another from the radio. They are both the same advert from RSPCA's "swim". I will give a balanced discussion of the television and radios advertise. I will discuss the strength and weaknesses of both radio and television advert. I will consider the way language has been used to create effects. The way each media form was used effectively. How the charecterisation of the dog was created. The aim of this essay is to compare and contrast the radio and television versions of the RSPCA advert "swim". In order to create a successful advertisement, radio advertisers use different techniques. This involves; the average length of an advert; the types of adverts found on radio; the different styles of advert and the way the language used in the advert tries to attract the target audience. The average length of an advert is important, because if the advert is too long radio listeners may tune into another station because the advert is long and boring, but if the advert is short and sweet (short and simple), then people tend to like it. Average adverts are mainly thirty seconds long. Note that when you listen to adverts on the radio the long adverts are important, and the short adverts are not that necessarily as serious. The types of adverts found on radio are important because they want to make sure that it isn't an advert that is selling something, like cars or videos. ...read more.


It would've been hard to figure out that it was a dog if they didn't think like one, because dogs in cartoons call their owners "best friend". We re made to feel that the owner is powerful through the dogs use of language, because in the advert the dog say's "we are going for a swim", which means that the owner is taking them for a swim; this assumes that the owner is powerful. There are many devices used to make the audience have an emotional response. One of the devices is to put the dogs in danger. When the dogs are in danger the audience will feel pity and anger. The length of the advert does affect our reaction, because it is kind of long which makes it boring, then people just switch off, but if this advert got the target audience then it doesn't really matter. In this advert there is direct appeal. This appeal is at the end of the advert where the lady says the slogan. "If you give a DAMN, don't give a pet". This is direct because in the slogan the RSPCA use the word DAMN. If they didn't care then they would use some other word then they would use some other word instead of damn. The advert would sound something like this; if you care don't, don't give pet. That sounds like it isn't that big of deal, but the fact that they used damn makes it more direct and appealing. ...read more.


When they are walking or running through the grass, the dog looks at the river and thinks again about going for a swim, but still the owner takes him. This is isolation. What gives this advert a big affects that the dogs voice is young and Scottish, which makes the audience think the dog is care free and happy and is more vulnerable. Without the owners diegetic sound, then we wouldn't have suspected that the owner was going to do this, because he started off happy, but then gradually gets angry, stressed and inpatient. No voice-overs make the audience think back on images. The slogan at the end is really aggressive, but it still is persuasive. This is because the slogan is presented on a blank screen, followed by the bird's eye view shot of the dog being thrown in the river. My opinion is that the television advert is more persuasive than the radio advert. The radio advert you have to think and listen to the advert and work out that it is a dog, but in the television advertise you already know it is a dog because another dog is running in front of the camera that is speaking. Radio adverts are some how good, because the people that don't have time can't watch it on television, so they just listen to it on the radio. If you were a blind person then you would prefer the television advertise because it has diegetic sounds, which make you imagine what is going on. Some people prefer radio adverts, because the television takes up a lot of electricity, plus radio is cheaper than television. MOHAMMED HUSSAIN 10GA ...read more.

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