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Media Cousework: SAS Hero Dad,

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Michael Moody 2/12/2001 English coursework (Media unit) For my media coursework I have chosen the article called, SAS Hero Dad, SAS Hero Lad. The article was written by John Scott and George Pascoe-Watson. The photograph that accompanied the article was taken by Daniel Smith. The article was published in the Daily Star on the 28th November 2001. The title of the article SAS Hero Dad, SAS Hero Lad rhymes to make the article more eye catching. Another important part of the headline is the use of SAS. ...read more.


The SAS (Special Air Service) is an elite division of the army based in Hereford. It is a highly trained force which specialises in behind the lines warfare. The story is about a SAS soldier who had been sent to Afghanistan. He was injured in action whilst raiding a location near Kandahar. He was later flown out by helicopter to a British troop ship in the Arabian Sea and is now recovering in hospital in the UK. His father was killed in the Falklands war while serving in the SAS. ...read more.


America and her allies believe that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan are harbouring terrorists and American and British troops are assisting the Northern Alliance in an attempt to overthrow the Taliban. The picture shows SAS soldiers on patrol in Afghanistan. The picture helps show the SAS in the way the many books about the SAS portray them. This is important as it keeps the image and backs up what the article is trying to show about the SAS. As discussed above many people are interested in the SAS which is regarded with great esteem. This article promotes this view and was likely to have been widely read. ...read more.

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