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Media representation essay

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Representation essay A celebrity is a widely recognised face or famous person who receives a large amount of attention from the media. Celebrities usually become global and popular through mass entertainment such as soap operas, movies, sports or music. A small number of celebrities are recognised globally, their fame has spread across the world. These are usually successful artists [musicians] popular movie stars and sports stars. Examples of celebrities recognised through their jobs are, Michael Jordan (basketball player) Cameron Diaz (actress) Britney spears (singer) all three are also globally known. Another example of a globally recognised celebrity is Mike Tyson (boxer) he is very popular through out the world, even across linguistic and cultural boundaries, this is through success from his job, as he is a famous sports star he has a wide variety of fans across the world. Although most celebrities become popular through their jobs some are born into a celebrity family therefore gaining popularity due to the family they belong to or their name or amount of money they have or have inherited. An example of a celebrity who is popular due to family and bank balance is Paris Hilton. ...read more.


Amy Winehouse. David Beckham is represented to the public as a man who cares about his career and family, and is also a popular celebrity icon for young aspiring footballers, usually young children. This is a very positive representation of the sport star as only good things are revealed about him through the media, whereas Amy Winehouse is represented in a very negative way as she is usually on front covers of newspapers not because of the success of her career but to show her associating with drugs and violence. These different representations of the two celeb give the public twp very different opinions of each celeb, as people are left thinking David beckham is a positive icon for young children and is successful with his career and Amy Winehouse is a very negative example of a singer as she is associated with drugs and violence, this representation may hurt her career, therefore representations of celebrities through the media are very important. The celebrity magazine I will be analysing is called 'Heat' It is a typical celebrity magazine that focuses on gossip and the personal lives of popular celebrities. ...read more.


have no problems that the media knows of and are considered as icons, as for example Christina Aguilera has a new born child, she is respectable, talented and is not associated with any form of drugs or violence but children and love where as Amy Winehouse is the opposite. Although Amy Winehouse is shows to only be associated with negative things she is a very talented woman, this part of her life is not focused on but rather yet ignored, therefore making the representation of her very typical and stereotypes as she is living the 'rock star life' with a 'rock star boyfriend' the media and the public assume she is related to drugs, sex, money and violence, whereas Christina Aguilera is a pop star therefore the stereotype of her is very typical also as she is considered as innocent and icon like for young children. I think that celebrity magazines represent celebrities the way they do to keep the readers entertained as the people who buy the magazines want to see popular celebrities at their worst, breaking celebrities down is seen as entertaining and fun for the public therefore the magazines have to do so to maintain profit and keep their audiences entertained. ...read more.

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