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Media studies brief

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Media Studies Coursework For my coursework I intend to produce a short advertising campaign consisting of a 30 second moving image. I aim to produce one moving image which will be based upon an anti child abuse theme. I will research about the issue to further my knowledge and make sure what I am producing is accurate information. I want to produce this advert to alert the issues of child abuse by using powerful imagery and shocking facts. I decided to focus on child abuse as the research I carried out on the internet showed that not enough awareness was being raised for the matter, I also think that it is an important issue to address to my target audience of 25-35 year olds. ...read more.


Charities I researched included childline, NSPCC. I began researching general charity campaigns and took into account my chosen target audience of adults, it was difficult choosing the age range as anybody could witness child abuse, but I am targeting it at 25-35 as the other parent could speak out, or friends of the parents. For my preliminary research I am going to Internet search engines as large amount of help is available with many charities and organizations have websites. I decided to do my campaign for child abuse as there is lots of information regarding bullying and abuse in the home, but not many entirely concentrate on child abuse. ...read more.


Companies use adverts to sell their products. Campaign adverts use persuasive language to encourage people to support their campaign. The final product will be a moving image, with this I want to use short sentences which have powerful meanings e.g. speak out for those who have no voice. I will also use lots of repetition to create effect and power so that the message is clearly reached. Using imagery of sad children will also play a large focus in my advert as it will be emotive for the viewer and hopefully will feel compiled to help. Also during the advert I will have music which will play behind the images as this also brings emotion and empathy. I will take all the images myself then edit and improve them with the software camedia. ...read more.

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