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Media Studies Representation Essay

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Representation Essay A celebrity is a widely recognized face or famous person. They are usually famous through their career of singing, acting, etc. An example of a celebrity is Brad Pitt who is famous for being a Hollywood actor in films such as Mr & Mrs Smith mainly of the action genre. A celebrity magazine is a magazine mainly focused on the lives of famous people. These types of magazines feature gossip, stories, photos, rumours, etc. Some stories featured in some magazines are either made up by the celebrity's PR or are rumours. An example of a celebrity magazine is OK, Look, Now!, etc. Celebrity magazines usually cost one pound or less and are sold weekly in shops so their audience can get the celebrity news updated, quick, fast and new. ...read more.


There is usually a quote on the cover such as 'Victoria and David's relationship on the rocks' or 'Victoria's acne problems are doing her head in'. Paparazzi photos are used as the main cover for Victoria showing at her worse. The magazine also offers high street fashion tips, etc. The front cover will usually feature something like'50 shoes for under �50!' This magazine also tells you how to dress like the most popular celebrities etc. Other celebrities in this magazine are either represented in a good way or a bad way, whether it's about weight loss, weight gain, relationship problems, etc. The representation of Victoria Beckham on this magazine shows that Victoria is rich for nothing, spoilt and has no talent. ...read more.


I think celebrity magazines represent the celebrities the way the do so they can earn more money. As these magazines are representing these celebrities this way, the audience would want to know more about their life so they will go out and buy the magazine. From this way magazines earn more money. Celebrity magazines could also represent the celebrity that way because of their lifestyle. Rod Stewart's has a daughter called Kimberley Stewart. When people think of a rockstar they would relate the words sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to the lifestyle. These magazines could make up a story about Rod Stewarts daughter taking drugs just because her father is a famous rockstar. Overall I think celebrity magazines are ok when they do not make up stories and stereotype people. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

** The candidate has successfully identifies the use of stereotypes in the representation of celebrity. However, they have not supported their ideas with TEXTUAL EVIDENCE, found in the main cover image and coverlines. Also, they have not used many subject-specific terms. They need to say why the magazine has represented the celebrity in this way, in terms of the target audience.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 17/09/2013

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