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Spiderman-Media Analysis

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Spiderman Media Studies - Analysis of a text The text I will be analysing is the opening credits from Spiderman. Spiderman was made by Marvel Comics, Columbia Pictures and Dolby Digital. My prior knowledge tells me that Spiderman is a sci-fi film. The opening credits which can also be considered as the establishing shot start with Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Columbia Pictures caption starts with the camera going down Columbia Lady. Columbia Lady is represented goddess like; she also looks like the statue of liberty. The background colours are all golden colours which gives a sense of comfort. ...read more.


This captions starts with a non-diegetic drum beat which becomes more intense as the caption goes along. This sound could also be the beats of the hero.A silver string is used to make up a spider web. This confirms the suggested genre (sci-fi). The caption moves on and the audience is introduced to the name "Spider-Man". My prior knowledge tells me that Spider-Man is a well known fictional character that was created by Stan Lee. As the caption moves on the audience is introduced to more spider webs, which my prior knowledge tells me that they are a signifier of spider man. A few shots after, spider man's hand appears, his hand has two colours red and blue. ...read more.


She was probably chosen for her role because she drags a particular audience. The targeted audience for this text would be young people, especially males. At the end of the caption a computer generated image of a web is used to fade into a real spider web. The establishing shot of Spider-man is of a spider web on a wall. This establishing shot also starts with an enigmatic voice over, this voice over hooks the audience. Looking at the mise en scene of the shot after the establishing shot the audience can start to form an opinion of where is this film going to be set. In this shot an American flag can be seen. Other objects that also signify America are the trains, buses and the cars. By Carlos Santos ...read more.

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