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The Diet Coke advert is plain but effect and lets the product sell itself. Whereas, the Nivea advert uses lots of effects to help the draw the audience in and sell the product.

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English Advertising Project We are surrounded by all sorts of adverts all the time. This is one of the main ways in which a company can try and sell their products to the general public. There are many forms of advertising such as; poster's, leaflets, newspapers and adverts on the TV/radio. Many people would see one form of advertising at least once a day because they are used in such a wide range of ways. I will be focusing and discussing two adverts. The first advertises Diet Coke. This is just one of the products that the company Coca-Cola sells. They specialise in making drinks and do many different flavours. As the company is well know, they don't have to advertise all of their different flavours of drink because the general public already know the full range of products that the Coca-Cola Company sell. The second advertises Nivea. Just like the other company, they also sell many different products to suit groups of people e.g. - sensitive skin or normal skin. This means that they appeal to a wider range of the general public. I will now write a comparison of the two adverts. Firstly, both of the adverts have some form of text on them. ...read more.


In both adverts characters' are used to stress the products that are being advertised. Diet Coke uses a young woman and positions her in the middle of the poster. Behind her is the brightly coloured background, so to make her stand out she is coloured black and white. This creates a contrast between the two, but may also point out the difference between her and "superwomen" making her equal to us rather than the background. The Nivea advert has two women positioned very close to the front of the poster. The camera angle is positioned upwards so it looks like the women are looking down on the reader. This may portray that they are inferior to us because they use the product being advertised. The clothes that they wear also match the scene that the poster sets e.g. - yellow and blue have connections with the sea/beach. A contrast that you can see in the advertisements is the way in which they have presented the characters'. On one hand you have the Diet Coke advert, which doesn't highlight how beautiful or tidy the girl looks but tries to put both you and the character on the same level of importance and showing the audience that you don't have to be special to purchase their product. ...read more.


So in terms of trying to sell the product they need to show similarities between the characters' and the reader. The Diet Coke advert has chosen clothes and accessories that younger girls would wear e.g. - jeans showing that you don't have to be someone special to purchase the product. In the same way, the Nivea advert has chosen clothes that women may wear in the summer. So through making the characters' appearances like the general public they appeal more to their target audience. Both adverts appeal to younger people but both products are very different. The Diet Coke advert is plain but effect and lets the product sell itself. Whereas, the Nivea advert uses lots of effects to help the draw the audience in and sell the product. I prefer the Diet Coke advert as I can relate with the character more than I can with the Nivea characters. In my opinion I cannot see how body lotion would have such I big effect in my life as the poster suggests. Also the Diet Coke advert has much less writing so it's easier to understand the poster but the Nivea poster has lots of text and it seems as though it's overcrowded with information. I would purchase the Diet Coke but would take advantage of the sample that Nivea offer. ?? ?? ?? ?? Justine Ryles Page 1 09/06/2010 ...read more.

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