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The Styles and Purposes Of Radio Advertising

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The Styles and Purposes Of Radio Advertising Radio in the UK is provided by the BBC and commercial radio companies, and is broadcast by AM and FM, and a variety of digital platforms. One of the purposes of radio advertising like any other form of advertising is obviously to sell products, but the main purpose of radio advertising is to make money for radio stations. Commercial radio stations, as the name suggests, are funded by the sale of advertising, promotions and sponsorship. There are three national services (INRs - Classic FM, Virgin Radio and Talk Sport), fifteen 'regional' services (IRRs - generally covering three major cities) and more than 240 local services (ILRs). In general, most cities have at least one FM service and one AM service, although major cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow) have a wider choice of commercial listening. Therefore, without radio advertising, these commercial stations wouldn't be able to afford to broadcast. Public service stations like the BBC are funded by TV licenses and don't broadcast a lot of adverts. One of radio's strengths is the fact that it's completely mobile and can reach people in more places than television can. Radio is a secondary activity. People listen to the radio whilst they are doing other things, for example, when people are at work, they often have the radio on in the background, or when people are driving to or from work, or dropping their children off at school etc, they are still listening to the radio. ...read more.


Popular examples of this are using sale closures as a call to action. They make people rush to the shops before the sale ends to buy a product. They want to be like 'everyone else' so therefore they do what the advert tells them to. Although adverts clearly fall into these categories, sometimes they can fall into more than one and fulfil multi purposes. There are many different styles of advertising. Adverts usually fall into the two categories of being 'Simple' or 'Complex'. Most simple adverts only use dialogue which is people talking or acting, and a voiceover, somebody talking over the top of the advert about the product. Complex adverts are often sketches or have lots of things going on in them including sounds and dialogue. Often, complex adverts don't say a lot about the product but they try to catch your attention with a good narrative or with the use of humour. Complex adverts can also use emotional persuasion. For example, they can make you feel sorry for somebody or something to make you go out and buy something or use a service. They can also be rational, making them sound knowledgeable and understanding to the situation. The listener then feels that they are friendly which encourages them even more to buy something. ...read more.


This makes the listener immediately act because they don't want to miss out. The fact that the dentist was nasty to the patient who owned the 307 because of envy gives the impression that 'everybody wants one', which is a superlative phrase and also adds to the persuasive purpose as well as the call to action. The fourth advert I listened to was one which I created myself, advertising Citrus Polos. It used the idea of having a parrot that ate a citrus polo to refresh her. There were fizzing and crackling sounds to give the idea of a party going on inside the parrots mouth. It was refreshed afterwards and squawked very loudly. This advert is quite complex in the way that you really have to listen to understand what is going on. It uses sound effects and humorous dialogue. And at the end of the advert there is a straight voiceover. I think it fills the purpose of reassuring the listener that the product is there because it doesn't really give much information about the product and doesn't use any very persuasive words. It just lets the listener know that citrus Polos are available. It could be to persuade in some ways because the sounds used make it sound refreshing, people might hear the sounds and want them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joanne Wiltshire ...read more.

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