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Upon looking at the JVC advertisement, there were five key ideas to analyse - These were media language, representation, media audiences, values and ideology and finally institutions.

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Upon looking at the JVC advertisement, there were five key ideas to analyse. These were media language, representation, media audiences, values and ideology and finally institutions. When looking at media language several ideas must be considered. Layout and design, use of verbal language, use of non-verbal codes, colour, use of illustration and narrative codes are all included in this. This is a double spread advert, which is illustrated in a comic\cartoon way. The fact it is a double page spread connotes that JVC has a lot of money to spend on advertising, and therefore implies that the product is worth advertising so much. I believe that this advert is drawn in a cartoon style to try and draw a wider audience, and allow more people to understand it. Often, you see adverts for similar products and it is full of glossy pictures and technical jargon. This narrows the audience down somewhat, as this often intimidates people. The flat is shown with a lot of film posters on the wall, rubbish on the floor, a beautiful woman, lots of films and other luxurious items. This represents what we as an audience believe to be a typical "bachelor pad" for a single, thirty-something, rich man. This can be assumed because all of the DVDs and videos shown are under the titles of thriller and action - these are stereotypically male genres. ...read more.


People of this age group have been represented as wealthy, successful, and good-looking people. However, it is very unlikely that you will be a successful film director by this age. Therefore, it sets very high standards for people of this age group to comply with. I believe that Seb is a middle\upper class person. It is noticeable that people of this class will have been to university and then straight into their perfect job. When looking at lifestyle, it must be taken into account that this has a very close relationship with class, and so the two merge together. However, due to the class that Seb is, he is able to have the lifestyle he has. He enjoys films, the gym and women. The order of these is fairly significant because films are involved in his job, which is obvious from the illustration he has failed to complete due to the woman's attraction. The next thing he enjoys is the gym. However, he has failed to take his dog for a walk and exercise because the woman has distracted him. Therefore, it becomes noticeable that the woman is, overall, more important. When looking at media audiences, the target audience is an important factor, as is how the audience are positioned and finally who the real audience are likely to be. ...read more.


Finally, I'm going to look at institutions. Within this category, the trends in advertising will be discussed; alongside what publications this advertisement would appear in. What is being advertised, and how it is represented is also important. JVC are advertising a form of new media technology, specifically the Digital Cinema System. It is represented as a symbol of status and power. We can see this because Seb is obviously the most important part of this advert, and he has control over everything, including the equipment. Audiences would view Seb as a person who has everything that is fashionable, and the most expensive of everything. The fact he has this digital cinema system implies it is the best. This advert appears to reject all technology genre conventions. The normal technology adverts include glossy photographs and lots of technological jargon that people don't understand. JVC possibly wanted to break away from this convention that all technology is expensive and only accessible for experts. It is growing more and more common that everyday people have new media technology in their homes as well as at work. It is believable that this advert would be published in a male magazine, possibly even FHM, but magazines that not only people who work within the media read. To conclude, I believe that this is definitely trying to break the mould and change to attract a much larger audience. Analysis of JVC Advertisement By Bryony Harper, 12MZS ...read more.

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