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Why Did The Whitechapel Murders Attract So Much Attention?

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Why Did The Whitechapel Murders Attract So Much Attention? In Whitechapel at the time prostitution was a common thing. There were hundreds of women that had to resort to this just to make a living. It was not unheard of for occasionally a prostitute to be beaten or murdered. Usually this kind of thing would be logged but go unnoticed to the public. But when the ripper murders began the public soon new of them and the atrociousness. At the time crimes were common and criminals were plentiful. They did not have the technology we have such as forensics or cctv cameras but they could still catch criminals. ...read more.


You could compare it to a motorway crash, everyone slows down to see the scene just to get a glimpse of some gore. The public were attracted for kind of the same reason, it was new and violent. They had never heard of or seen anything like it before making it a very attracting topic to the general public. This was helped by the media. At the time many people could not read or write and so normal written newspapers were saved for those who could. Jack the ripper featured heavily in these papers with reporters producing page after page on the story. These storys would filter down through servants ect to the average people by word of mouth, therefore spreading rumors and untrue facts. ...read more.


Also the scale of the events attracted a lot of attention. The events were known all around the country so literally everyone in the country knew of the ripper. Overall the ripper murders attracted so much attention because the murders were the first of their kind. The type of brutality and ferocity of the murders had never been seen before in the country. Neither had the chain of murders (serial murders.) As no one had ever heard or seen anything like it the murders were very interesting to the public and the police. Lastly as the ripper was never caught just adds to the mystery and the horror. Jack the ripper has stood the test of time as still to this day he is known worldwide but still the true identity of the ripper is not known. ...read more.

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