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child development coursework visit 2

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Visit number: 2 Date: 8/11/08 Age of Child: Time: 15:00 People Present: Harris's parents, my mum Aims of the Visit For my second visit I will focus on intellectual development because on my previous visit Harris enjoyed the jigsaw puzzle which is part of intellectual development. As Harris feels quite shy around me I want to do activities that he enjoys so that he can adjust to me. Some of the activities I have planned are; * A Lego activity- will help me observe his intellectual development and see how well he grasps different concepts. I will test his knowledge on different concepts by asking him some simple questions such as "where is the big block", "Which is the yellow block" ECT. I will also see how well he uses his language skills * A reading activity- will help me observe how well his concentration and memory is. This activity will also look at different concepts such as; shape, size and colour. I will ask Harris to point to different objects and see whether he remembers any characters or pictures. * A painting activity- will help me observe his writing skills. I will see what type of grasp Harris uses. As I have received some prior knowledge that Harris does not really enjoy drawing or writing I will conduct a painting activity, because the different coloured paints may excite Harris and he may then want to take it further and start writing in different colours. ...read more.


Harris would correctly point to the blue ball but when I asked Harris "where is the big car" Harris wasn't able to point to the big car this shows that Harris isn't aware of his concept of size. The last activity I had planned was the painting activity I expected Harris to show happy emotions because I thought the colours would excite which is exactly what happened. Whilst painting I noticed that Harris kept choosing the blue paint which lead me to believe that Harris's favourite colour is blue. After painting for 10 minutes I wanted to observe Harris's writing skills so I decided to bring out the multicoloured wax crayons. I thought Harris may not like to draw with crayons but he did and as it says in the child development second edition book "A two year old child will attempt to hold a pencil in a primitive tripod grasp" Harris used his fine motor skills to attempt the grasp and drew lines and scribbles. After 5 minutes Harris got bored and wanted to read the book. To see how good Harris's memory was I asked Harris to find the book and bring it to me. Harris was excited and found the task fun he immediately started looking in his bookshelf for the book, Harris used his gross motor skills to run and look for the books also he used his fine motor skills when turning the pages to make sure he was holding the correct book. ...read more.


I will have to base my activities around this and make sure Harris is comfortable and has his parents around. During the book activity I noticed Harris does not like to lose because when he couldn't find the book Harris started to get angry and sad. I think during my next few visits Harris will be more independent because I will try to base my activities that encourage joining in play. Things Harris has developed on since my last visit I have noticed that Harris is more comfortable around me and has improved in all his developments. For my aims I got some milestones from the child development second edition book. * "A child of 2 should be able to build a tower of bricks". Harris managed to build a tower of 15 which is more than a 3 year old can do this shows that he is ahead in parts of his physical development. * "A child of 2 years will start to begin using telegraphic phrases". Whilst conducting the activities Harris communicated with me by saying things such as "Harris build tower" this shows that Harris is doing what is expected for a two year old. * "A child aged 2-3 should be able to sit for longer periods of time" I didn't expect Harris to be able to do this but he did and enjoyed it. * "A 2 year old child will attempt to hold a pencil in a primitive tripod grasp". During the painting activity I noticed Harris used this grasp but didn't particularly enjoy the activity. ...read more.

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