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childdevelopment plan

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Plan I am going to find out the cost of the most neccessary equipment and layette items required for a new born baby and also investigate and identify these over a 4 week period. I am going to idenify the most necessary equipment And the most necessary layette items by : * Asking mothers and mothers of new born babies.This would take about 5 minutes per mother. ...read more.


* Record the results the mothers of new born babies or just mothers give us in an easy to understand graph. * Evaluation of results. I am going to do all these in the for week period i have been given. I am going to research prices by : * Going to shops such as mothercare,Moisers Ltd ect and picking up leaflets. ...read more.


After ive done that i will record my results in diffrent ways. In my evaluation i am going to say what was indentified as necessary equipment and layette items. I am also going to make comments about what i think about the most exspensive items and if there really necessary. And say what the results tell us. The resurces i will need to carry this plan will be: * Computer * Internet * Printer * Shops for leaflets * Mothers ...read more.

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