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Citizenship Coursework

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Why Does Friends of the Earth Need Our Sponsorship And Money? During year 9, in our citizenship lessons, we had a discussion about the world's current affairs and how we could the change school, a local area, environment for the better. We were asked to form Groups, on a common interest basis. We were keen to enhance recycling of waste materials, such as, glass and plastic in our school. Our group consisted of class friends, Jason, Steven and Prit. Initially, we had the idea of a sponsored run. We discussed which one of the main charities to donate to. We agreed to donate to an environmental group. We found two groups to consider, Friends of the Earth and Green Peace. We had a vote and the majority choose Friends of the Earth as they are campaigning recycling in particular. We decided the run was going to be on the last week of term. We asked our parents, acquaintances and teachers and others who wanted to help in our charity fun raise and it looked like we were going to raise about �40. We all met up on the day, after school for our long seeming voyage, the two mile run. Also on the way round, we thought it would be a good idea to pick up any rubbish that had been littered on the floor to be recycled. ...read more.


Each tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil; 3 cubic yards of land fill space, 4000kw of energy and 7000 gallons of water! Also 70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials. www.uk-energy-saving.com/recycling_facts.html There are hundreds of websites about recycling and about saving the earth from global warming. "The solutions exist, but we must act now, TODAY! Individuals working together will help tackle this problem." This is my favourite quote as it gets people to think right there and then and know what's going to happen if we don't act quickly! My opinion if I already haven't made it clear is that everyone should recycle save energy being wasted, meaning the Earth will be in less danger of Global warming, or donate to a environmental group looking out for us. In this course work, I have learnt how to be more liable, making decisions, co-operating and work together. I had also learnt about how recycling works and the idea of reusing-its genius, and how to keep the Earth our home. In addition to that I have learnt who and how to contact people to get Recycling to enforced, and to be heard amongst the rest. I really enjoyed working as a group and univocally, writing letters to MPs, handing out leaflets, sticking posters on notice boards but I feel, some people didn't take it seriously enough. ...read more.


Keep the jobs we had to do individually. Keep the recycling idea, and maybe go for Green peace rather Friends of the Earth, never the less, they are both helping the environment. Activity Who To be done by Done Put up posters on bill board Kate 25/01 * Make leaflet Pranav 14/02 * Make poster Prit 14/02 * Make poster Steven 14/02 * Draw road run Jason 14/02 * Write a letter to Friends of the Earth ALL OF US 21/02 * Make a logo Prit 14/02 * Phone Friends of the Earth (answering machine) Pranav 21/02 * Run the mile Steven 21/02 * Make sponsors and collect Steven 21/02 * Make a poster Pranav 14/02 * Run the mile Pranav 14/02 * Run the mile Jason 14/02 * Run the mile Prit 14/02 * Send Money Off * In conclusion, I have learnt how to look after the Earth, and to recycle when we can. I think we should all watch over the earth, by recycling and using renewable sources rather to non-renewable. If we don't take care of our world we are going to suffer. In addition I've a lot of social skills which I will need in everyday life, improving my courtesy. As you can see above, we have all met are targets, and have done what the group have expected and have done everything we've planned. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pranav Patel 10BSG Centre Number: 12736 Pranav Patel Centre Number: 12736 ...read more.

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