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Citizenship Coursework                11A

Name: Sheena Sodha        

Centre Name: Aylesbury High School

Centre Number: 52105

Date work completed:

1. Planning

For my Citizenship Activity, I formed a dedicated team with 6 other girls of Year 10, to volunteer at Turnfurlong School and work with the aim of bringing a flavour of Kenya and Kenyan life to Year One students at Turnfurlong School.

Of course the main aim of our activity was to bring Kenya to life for the Year 1s of Turnfurlong School. We aimed to create a day where the children got a real taste of what Kenya and Africa in general is really like, through visual aid, games, crafts, music and many other activities. Our aim was to start them off on becoming globally aware about situation of the rest to the world, as were told by a teacher (who was guiding us through the activity) that children in year One are quite unaware of places other than the country that they are living in.

Another aim for the activity was to work as part of a team and learn how to co-operate with each other and the children of Turnfurlong and create a successful day.

The general aim of the activity was to became better citizens and by giving out knowledge to other people, as well as practise global citizenship by bringing awareness of the rest of the world to our fellow citizens in year 1 of Turnfurlong.

Our activity is to do with Topic 1 of the Citizenship course: School, Work and the Local Community, as we are going to teach school children. And it was a group activity as we were a team of 6 girls.

The planning stages

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Account of Activity

  • From our research (see ‘Resource List’) we learnt that we were not allowed to have much physical contact with the children, and that they needed to have a qualified teacher present with them at all times. We make sure we followed these laws when we were volunteering at Turnfurlong School.
  • Once we got to the school, we were shown into the classroom that we would be working in, and we set up all our equipment, ready for the children to come in.
  • Once the children came in, we started by ...

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