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Creative writing

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Creative Writing It was nine o'clock, the large desk had a coffee mug on one of its many mats, and the laptop was turned on; something about an order for paper. I was sitting down on the leather seat, which was warm, someone had already been here. The office didn't have a speck of dust; it was as clean as a whistle. The plants were brown, they looked scary on the large walls, and they just hung, wilted, for no reason. The wallpaper on the wall was as white as a ghost. I thought this might just have been a routine bollocking but the way that Mr Walsh told me put fear in my heart. ...read more.


As I carried on, it became apparent that he had taken steroids and was banned from the game. Turner and steroids, it couldn't be true, but the writing was literally on the wall. I couldn't dispute the fact. I heard footsteps coming from the hall so I quickly leaped into the seat. As he entered I realised that my entire view of him had changed. How could anyone be more hypocritical? Last year I was nearly expelled for taking body building steroids, yet he had taken them himself. He walked in and sat down next to me. I talked to him like usual but I still couldn't believe it. I was dying to ask why. ...read more.


How the hell were tissues going to help? My whole life I had never cried, even when, my dad died, I was strong for my mum, but today my eyes had tears rushing Getting blamed to them, my body felt light, what use are tissues my brothers gone .I finally knocked up the necessary energy to ask him how did it happen? He replied very slowly he was at the sports field and he OD'd on crack. My upset went, I was angry with myself no-one else. It was my entire fault; I was the one that got him hooked on that crap. I felt something inside die. My soul had dies along with my brother. I had never felt worse in my life. My head was banging and the clicking from the clock was getting louder and louder. I felt like my head was going to explode. ...read more.

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