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Describe an exam room

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Exam Room Coursework George It was 8:00AM and I was walking to school earlier than usual, as I wanted to be there earlier so I could thoroughly go over my notes, and get all the information I need in my head for the exam. For each step I took, I tried to mentally keep some vital information imprinted in my brain. I sought after achieving an A grade in this exam, as I had studied long and hard for 2 weeks. The sizzling sun was scorching on my neck and I felt unbelievably drowsy. Thankfully this late wore off. Once I arrived at the school, I realised that even though I left home early to arrive on time, I was on the verge of being late. I rushed inside the school hall, and ran down the long vacant hall until I reached the exam room. As I entered the classroom, I became momentarily blinded by the bright classroom lights. Yet as my eyes adjusted, I wished the lights had done a permanent job on them. The sight before me was more depressing and agonizing than any I have ever before seen. ...read more.


Once assigned my seat, there was total silence for what felt like eons of time. All that could be heard was the loud ticking of the clock placed right above me, making my experience all the more pleasant. The invigilator walked slowly around the classroom, placing the sheet face down on each of our desks, she walked slowly, as if she wanted us to hear the loud thumps of her high heel on the hollow ground. Once I was given my paper, I was tempted to turn it over, but stopped myself. At 8:45 the exam begun. I immediately turned the paper over to find that the exam was a staggering 8 pages long. I reassured myself that I had studied and prepared myself for whatever came my way, and that I would do well. So I still remained optimistic. I had found that majority of it easy so far. I turned the 3rd page, to proceed to the 4th only to be struck with a sense of remorse. The one topic which I had not revised for had coincidently appeared in the paper. ...read more.


The slow sound of each second going by was reminding me that about the questions on the previous page I had left out. I looked back at my paper, and proceeded with the final pages of the exam. It was 9:31 and there was less than 15 minutes remaining. I had just finished the last page of the test paper, the majority of which I found undemanding. After coming to terms with the fact that I would lose out on 20% of marks due to a particular topic I was not prepared for, there was nothing else to do than hand my paper in. I stood up and walked towards the invigilator ready to hand in my paper, when before I could say a word, she looked up at me and pointed at the tray on her desk. Once I handed in my paper, I took 1 final look at the class, and only just realised I was the first to finish the test. I took a deep breath, and slowly walked out of the dreaded classroom I wished to never enter it again. 953 words ...read more.

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