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Diary Entry of Victoria

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Prologue/General Introduction Victoria, currently at the tender age of 16, was born in the small town of Yorkshire on April 21st 1868. She is part of a typical middle class Christian family, with two loving parents, three sisters, and a younger brother, all of whom she loves with all her heart. Her eldest sister, Elizabeth, is engaged to a handsome man named Sir Thomas Farthing, who owns a most magnificent estate up in Hayfield. Her two other sisters, Mary and Cecilia who are a few years her senior, are accomplished in music and needlepoint, and enjoy nothing more than a relaxing day in the home whilst her brother, William, youngest of the Miller children, has managed to become one of the finest shooters in the whole of Yorkshire. Her parents, are relatively wealthy and own a charming little cottage with four bedrooms - (one for Mr. and Mrs. Miller, one for William, and one for the three girls and a spare one which they use as a guest room); a drawing room where the girls spend most of their time, a dining hall and a magnificent garden. ...read more.


Mary and Cecilia were just as happy to see them as I, and I could see that the feeling was mutual. Mother was extremely eager to show them around the house for we had just moved here recently, and this was their first ever visit. As soon as they unpacked their belongings and settled into the guest room, I suggested that we walk down to Faulkner to visit the town square. Both Mary and Cecilia agreed to join us, and it was the most splendid walk, for the weather was most agreeable and the gentle breeze very soothing. When we reached Faulkner, we were fortunate enough to bump into Sir Robert Gould, father of Katherine Gould, who most kindly invited us to join him at the Hefton ball, which was to be held that night. We thanked him, and told him that we would be honoured to attend, and bid him good day. It was almost impossible to hide my excitement for I absolutely loved balls and could not wait. When we returned home, we told mother the good news and she was more than excited and immediately ordered Bertha to find a suitable dress for Mary, Cecilia and I. ...read more.


The thing that was most striking about him was how open he was. He and I conversed for the entire night, and what surprised me was that we spoke about meaningful issues - such as his job, his family, and even politics! I could see that Mr. Cameron was not wealthy, nor did he come from a highly respected family, yet I was drawn to him, and enjoyed speaking to him so much I lost track of time! As the night came to an end, Mr. Cameron promised to write me regarding the dinner that was to be held in a week's time. I thanked him for a wonderful night, and told him that I would eagerly await the arrival of his letter. On the journey home, mother asked me who the man I spent all my time with was, and what he did. To that I replied - "That ma'm, is Mr. Cameron, and he is a true gentleman". And that is all I said for the entire journey. And that is all I have to say for tonight. Sincerely, Victoria Miller Nathan Kuk ...read more.

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