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Excellence and mediocrity

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English Composition I Laura Walker Classification Mr. McGoran 27, August, 2009 In 2010 in the United States alone, 3.1 million students will receive a high school diploma. Typically these students fall into three categories, the "slacker", the "average Joe" and the "overachiever". The "slacker" has a tendency to sleep in class, arrive late and is rarely prepared. This student type will typically take advantage of other students' hard work and put it to their use. They are not known to study or prepare for tests due to the fact that they are oblivious in that area of their academics because of their reluctance to do so. ...read more.


Not to say a slacker is unintelligent, their successful attempts of dodging responsibilites only proves their capability of using complex ideas. The "average Joe" or "just get by" student is the category which the highest percentage of students will fall into. Average students are not particularly interested in excelling in their course of study. They simply put in enough effort to please others while making it appear that they are doing their best. These students are not involved in an extensive amount of extracurricular activities because they do not want to apply the significant amount of time or effort expected. The "average Joe" avoids drawing attention to them selves due to fear of failure which can lead to embarrassment. ...read more.


This is a student the "slacker" would try to manipulate or sit (or sleep) behind, hopefully to catch a glimpse of a correct answer while in a pinch. This is a disagreeable notion toward the "overachiever" because of their fear of repercussion and not "setting the curve" or making the high mark" for the particular assignment or exam. This student more often than not achieves their high goals they set for them selves due to hard work and perseverance. These categories are common to high schools across America, and have been recognizable since the beginning of the public school system. Future students will just as effortlessly identify the "slacker", the "average Joe" and the "overachiever" just as they have in the past. ?? ?? ?? ?? 489 words ...read more.

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