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Female Discrimination

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Communication 329 Final Project Female Discrimination While taking this class this summer, we have discussed numerous ideas that address issues that have primarily dealt with communication in an organizational setting and the many management theories that are accompanied with it. As I found myself gaining a better understanding of how communication processes can be used to manage behaviors of individuals in my newly acquired organizational context, I realized that there are many issues that, although addressed, have yet to be fully taken into consideration by many people. A self-described feminist, I believe that one particular concept that many refuse to acknowledge is Female Discrimination in the workforce/ sexism against women in the workforce (used interchangeably). I consider this particular issue extremely important in any organizational setting. The purpose of this presentation is to educate those who are in positions of power (i.e. employers, managers, administrators, etc.) in any organizational setting in regards to the issue of sexism against women; and to make certain that everyone has an understanding of what sexism against women is as well as any procedures that are associated with it given that this form of discrimination takes place. Female discrimination in the workforce has often been described as a "glass ceiling" because it poses invisible barriers for progress beyond middle management in corporate America. In fact, according to the US Department of Labor-Women's Bureau in 2000, almost 65 million or 60 percent of the 108 million women aged 16 and older are in the labor force; only 46.5 percent of the workforce is female. ...read more.


Women have a tendency to leave and re-enter the workforce more than men do-interrupting their careers for childbearing, child rearing, elder care, and other family and personal responsibilities. 80 percent of women bear children at some point in their lives, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau; and research shows that women are more likely than men to take on responsibility for elder care. The interruptions to women's careers can affect their ability to advance in position-and pay. Women who leave the labor market for family responsibilities often return to find that their wages lag behind those of women at comparable stages in their careers who did not leave. First, women who leave the labor force lose seniority. Second, job skills may get rusty during extended leaves or absences. And finally, employers may view gaps in work history as a signal that women who leave may do so again (p. 40-41). Because there is such a wide range of Female Discrimination in the Workforce, women are faced with various difficult and problematic situations that they have to face everyday; ranging from unequal pay, to sexual harassment. There have even been reports of women needing valid "excuses" to go on maternity leave or care for a terminally ill elderly relative. A direct result of these problems, are of course, the solutions. There are not any known solutions for women needing to have "excuses" for maternity leave and caring for a sick relative, there is one known solution for sexual harassment. ...read more.


If this particular step is taken, each individual would be aware of what he or she can and cannot do and what will and will not be accepted in a working environment. Although this can be considered to be a small step in the discontinuation of the discrimination of females in the workforce, I strongly believe that in order to fix a problem as immense as this one, the employees and especially employers must be educated on how discrimination against women will not be tolerated in a court of law. Now that the issue of female discrimination in the workforce has been presented and the many issues that accompany it, I have prepared a few discussion questions that will allow the class to think critically about what was presented and further discuss why sexism against women in the workforce is such an important issue with respect to communication in organizations. 1. In your opinion, what type of behavior would you consider sexist against women in an organizational setting? 2. Do you believe that an employer has the right to hire, fire, or promote a person based on sex, rather than job qualifications? 3. Why do you think many employers favor male employees, rather than female employees in traditionally male-dominated professions? 4. How would you try to establish a sexist free work environment? 5. What steps do you think should be taken if discrimination against women is evident in an organization? 6. If you were in a burning building and were dependent on a fire fighter to save your life, would you want the fire fighter to be a male or a female? (they both share the same training and qualifications) Does your answer reflect gender bias? Explain. 7. ...read more.

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