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Hunting debate

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Citizenship Coursework Hunting Articles In the following paragraphs I will be discussing the contents of the two articles both obtained from the BBC news website and how they, though on the same topic, disagree from one another. The topic which both are to do with is the aftermath of February 2005 when, under the Hunting act, fox hunting with dogs was banned. This 'sensitive' issue of the Ban on fox hunting has lead to a feel in many rural areas of tension as the pro and anti hunt parties conduct a 'cold war' against one another were both try to intimidate and catch the other conducting illegal activities. It is important through out this discussion to remember that both articles are taken form the same source, the BBC news website, meaning that both article were written with neutral feeling on the issue and were written instead only to inform and so nether can be accused of being biased ether way. ...read more.


However in item two it speaks of how a 'witness', possibly a member of an anti hunt group which have taken it upon them selves to observe hunt activities all of the country, saw the death of a fox due to a pack of hounds. This suggests that all is not quite as it seems as far as rural harmony is concerned and that pro and anti hunt supporter are in fact observing and intimidating one another. Both articles both deeply involve the police force however the police are seen, by a reader reading these two articles, to have clashing views. In item one the assistant chief Constable Richard Stowe states: 'I'm very pleased and would like to congratulate both sides on the way they have behaved.' And 'Every one has acted responsibly and sensibly.' In item two however, though with no direct statement, the article gives off the impression that the police seem discontent with hunt behaviour. ...read more.


This means that police, for all their talk of rural peace in item 1, now do have, possibly, evidence that hunts are conducting illegal activities, but the article dose not press this statement, unlike item 2, but gives a swift response from the hunts, 'The hunts deny all the allegations and say they are acting strictly within the law.' In the above paragraphs I have explored the contradicting state of the two articles, produced from the same source, in great detail and I conclude that the two articles represent accurately the state of affaires in rural areas, the police are happy with the way things have gone so far but possibly the two sides, in future seasons, will possibly incur one another's wrath with more violent law breakings and I believe that we have not seen the last of this 'sensitive issue'. ?? ?? ?? ?? James A.S. Whitlock ...read more.

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