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My anlysis of the front page of a tabloid

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My analysis of the front page of a Tabloid The word tabloid newspaper makes me think of a newspaper that is brief, informal and cheap. Tabloids are easily recognisable by their huge headlines and pictures, which contrast with very brief articles. I am studying the Daily Mirror from Friday the 29th of October 2004, the northern edition priced 35p. The main news event of the day is "ANGRY AND NERVOUS" a biased story about British troops in Iraq . The secondary lead was "Monty's new birdie: life's all so wonderful" which has no article but two pictures and appears to be about a golfer going out with a model. In my opinion the main focus of the page is the headline "ANGRY AND NERVOUS". This is the title of an article about troops serving in Iraq. Headlines take up most of the page, just over two thirds. The font is bold and contrasting, either light on a dark background or dark on a light background. The newspapers editor has chosen to do this to grab the readers attention so they will buy the newspaper. The main headline and masthead are capitalised to add effect, which is very eye catching. The main headline uses shock tactics to make you concerned and interested. 'Angry' and 'nervous' are very passionate and agressive words. The use of the headline "ANGRY AND NERVOUS" attracts the readers attention as they want to know who is angry and nervous as they are very dramatic attention grabing words and make readers want to buy the paper. ...read more.


The paper knows this and over plays the couple's diference making the woman look far younger and prettier than "Monty". The paper is biased towards the opinion that she is only with him for the money- if another better picture was used it could look more like a loving relationship. The other picture is of a nineteen year old soldier serving in Iraq, he looks very young in the photo, and helps put across to the reader the point of the article which is that young boys are being killed in Iraq. In the photo he looks young and innocent which is to make readers pity him even more. The paper has chosen a picture that makes him look very young to help put there point across. The picture grabs the readers attention as seeing the picture of someone who looks so young and pityful next to the headline "angry and nervous"makes them concerned for his well being. The soldier himself is 19 years old an adult and able to look after himself. The main point of the news item is that young British troops are being sent to their death and the American government just does not care. The report represents a British viewpoint as it has no quotes from any other nationalities and is biased towards the British troops. The article has no actual facts just quotes from two soldiers and the chief of staff. They don't show the whole interview, they simply pick quotes that support their point. ...read more.


The magazine that is clearly aimed at women has a very similar format to the original Mirror which was aimed at women. The target audience of the Daily Mirror in my opinion has not changed since the 1930's and is still aimed at British left wing men and women. The paper attracts its wide audience by covering as many diferent areas as possible such as Celebrities, Sport, News, T.V and more. The aim of the front page is to grab peoples attention and atract people to buy it. It does this by using bold attention grabing headlines with shocking emotive titles like "Angry and Nervous" and also funny up beat headlines like Montie's New birdie, both of which grab the audience's attention and makes them want to read on. The photos are also bright and attention grabing and help you form opinions about the story wether its on the position of soldiers in Iraq or the legitimacy of other people's relationships. The article acts as a teaser tempting you to read more whereas the free magazine offers celeb gossip. The wide range of articles make people of every age stop and pick up the paper. Essentialy the role of the front page is to grab the attention of someone walking past it and make them want to read more. In conclusion I believe that the paper gives a one sided uneducated view on the news events of the day and the majority is gossip. The paper has very little information, mainly misleading photographs and flashy headlines made to suck the reader in. The front page is made to advertise the paper with it's huge headlines and eye catching pictures. ...read more.

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