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Social Development

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Social development I am going to talk about a Childs social development and the stages. Social development is being around other people and being able to socialise. Through social development the child learns the 'skills and attitudes' (Child Care and Development by P. Minett) which let individuals get along with other people in their community. Social development will vary across other countries, to what they are used to and expect around them like how people greet each other, how they dress and their religions. There are stages in a child's social development and the child is limited to what they can do depending on their age. Development of social play 1) Solitary play - Playing alone 2) Parallel play - Playing alongside others but not with them 3) Looking-on play - Watching from the edge of the group as other children play 4) Joining-in play - Playing with others by doing the same thing as everybody else e.g. ...read more.


years- Plays with other children and shares 4 years- Starts to co-operate 5 years- Co-operates and follows rules Mickel can do everything in the pattern of social development. Which I think is really good. He knows how to attract attention and likes to attention seek e.g. he will pretend he is choking. Mickel knows the difference between family and strangers and feels more comfortable around family. When around other children who might be visiting he is a bit quiet and after a while begins to play with them. He listens and joins in with them and follows the rules e.g. when playing hide and seek he knows what each role has to do and sticks to it. To help social development you will need to let the child be around people they don't know that well either inside or outside of their home. You will then be encouraging them to be social able and act appropriately around different people. The parents will need to help and teach them skills because children are not born with social skills. ...read more.


Minett). These are: * The ability to meet, mix and talk with others * Knowing how to share, take turns, and accept rules * Having standards of cleanliness acceptable to others e.g. Washing * Eating in a suitable manner which wouldn't offend others (Child Care and Development by P.Minett). Social development can also be slowed down. If the right skills aren't taught or practised the child wouldn't develop what is needed. If the child doesn't have any people or friends to talk to or play with they'll become lonely. Children need enough social contact, if not they become unhappy and there social development slows down. Even if the adults are lonely, they will become unhappy and show with the child. If the parents didn't mix with other people the child probably won't get chances to either. Having a disability e.g. being physically handicapped can hinder social development. Mickel isn't lonely but he has a limited amount of people to talk to and only occasionally meets someone new. But as each child is different, expect development to be different ...read more.

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