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What should be done about prison overcrowding?

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What should be done about prison overcrowding? This essay is going to look at the serious issue of prison overcrowding, possible solutions and what other people believe should be done. In particular the views of Ann Widdecombe and Lord Woolf. Prison overcrowding has had a lot of media coverage over the last few months, grabbing headline stories such as "UK prisons now 'over capacity'" or "Prison overcrowding at crisis point." Recently the news claimed that 82, 068 people were in prison, 96 over the operational capacity. So now is the time when we have to look into what can be done about it? The first source that I am going to look at is written by a conservative mp, Mrs. Widdecombe. In 1995 she became the State of home office and minister in charge Prisons, this role required her to visit every single prison in Britain. Whilst she was Minister in charge of prisons, she also had to deal with the issue of prison overcrowding. ...read more.


He believes that restorative justice should be used in place of prisons as it makes better amendments to those effected and the YJB should be used much more than it is now. However this article is also biased because of the job he has done for most of his life. He has seen people in and out of prison and noticed either a change or no change at all in the people. Also he is a strong believer of the YJB so he is going to believe that they should be used in courts much more than someone who doesn't agree with them. There are many other points of view on this topic and lots of other ideas on how to solve prison overcrowding, some of these include: * Prison Ships- Old cruise ships converted into prisons stops the cost of having to build new prisons. * Super Prison- Super prisons are like normal prisons but are expected to hold at least 2,500 people each. ...read more.


I think that prison overcrowding is an important topic because it can affect the genera; welfare and safety of the public. Also many people go to prison each day and lots of people know somebody in prison so it's always useful to know if cells are overcrowded, if they are being treated fairly and equally. If there were less people on the streets who commit crime it would make our local community a nicer, safer and much more pleasant. I believe if people leave prison they will of learnt and gained two very important things. Don't brake the law and also gained qualifications, so they can progress and slowly try and pay back their prison bills. The two views are both very different, one believes in locking people up, because the law says to. The other implies that new laws need to be put into place, and much more money and time should be spent on crime prevention. I believe with parts of both I believe more prisons should be built but I also believe that people should be educated inside of prison, so they can pay something back to the community. ...read more.

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