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Writers Day

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Writers Day at Fairfield University On May 2, 2008, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Writers Day at Fairfield University. The Writers Days was a conference for middle school writers and their teachers. During this conference, I was able to write and share pieces with my peers in different genres and styles. When I arrived at the Dolan School of Business, I registered with Mrs. Greenfield and found out what workshops I would be attending. I chose to attend Lyrics and Fiction. After registering, I had a light breakfast. At 9:00, there was a keynote speaker: Patricia Reilly Giff. Mrs. Giff is an author and teacher. Some of the books and series she has written include the following: Polk Street School Series, Lily's Crossing, All The Way Home, Pictures of Hollis Woods, and Nory Ryan's Song. ...read more.


My first workshop of the day was Lyrics. During the workshop, the class discussed why people write songs. Most people write songs to vent out their feelings. After our discussion, we listened to songs written about war, abuse, and broken hearts. Through the lyrics of the song, you are able to feel the artist's pain. Once we finished listening to the music, we had the opportunity to write our own song. I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned about why people write songs and the process a person undergoes to write a song. I also realized songs are like poems: they have a deeper meaning and are a way to use writing to vent your feelings. At 11:30, our workshop ended. ...read more.


She said she has done many odd end jobs, but she always wanted to be an author. She recommended some good authors to me too. Once the workshop concluded, we went back to the main room and had an open microphone. An open microphone gives people the opportunity to share the pieces that they have been working on throughout the day. I did not want to partake though. I really do not like reading my own work aloud. At 2:00, the day concluded. Everyone thanked the instructors for their time and instruction. Then I went home. I really enjoyed my day at Fairfield University for the Writers Day. I learned a lot about writing in different styles and genres. I received recommendations for some new books. I gained some tips and tricks to use when you have writer's block. In all, I really enjoyed my day at Fairfield Universitmy! ...read more.

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