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Integrated Task Commentary. For my performance I have chosen a Trinity Guildhall Grade 5 piece called Lime Tree Bay. It is a jazz piece composed by a session musician and composer called Malcolm Ball. I will play my own interpretation of this particular p

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INTEGRATED TASK COMMENTARY For my performance I have chosen a Trinity Guildhall Grade 5 piece called Lime Tree Bay. It is a jazz piece composed by a session musician and composer called Malcolm Ball. I will play my own interpretation of this particular piece of music, which differs subtly in the "feel" from the way Malcolm ball plays it. Malcolm Ball's version lacks a degree of subtlety in the way it played, which modifies the way it sounds and the emotions conveyed. I believe my version is truer to the way traditional jazz is played which was reflective of the black people's liberation in back street clubs (the birthplace of jazz). Malcolm Ball's piece only provided a template for the piece which could be developed by the performer, acknowledging the supposition that a piece of music, much like a book can be interpreted in a variety of ways. ...read more.


In the 11th bar, a separate rhythm played with right hand is prevalent, within this style of music there is a great deal of floccinaucinihilipilification towards the precise timing of the supplementary rhythm. However I feel this is sheer neglect of an important feature of this particular piece of music. I have chosen to play this as is written as it augments the 'feel'. This aspect of the piece is repeated every two bars, however the two bar phrase at bar 23 is difficult to play. This technical obstacle involves swapping from brushes to sticks in no time at all if played as written. In fact this is a flaw in the music and was amended in a 12 page list of corrections published by the exam board. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure in laying my eyes upon it. I originally proposed to swap my sticks in half a beat. ...read more.


From this fill a pattern is repeated but with extra layers added, so it swells to a climax, which peaks with stabs in the final bars. I have taken several distinct factors and incorporated them into my composition, firstly I using a set drum rhythm, where the bass drum plays on all four beats. My composition is written in the style of jazz. The high-hat plays on beats 2 and 4 as in all jazz music. The piano accompaniment will have to same rhythm as the ride cymbal so the two sound in time. To make my composition more interesting and to overcome the monotony of repetitive drumming I am adding snare improvisations, in a similar way to my performance. To make my composition technically exciting I have allowed for a drum solo at the beginning, I can demonstrate a simple but effective technique, exploring different tonal qualities of each drum within the solo. Somewhere in my composition there will be a key change that changes the mood of it . ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This is a well written essay although I wonder if the use of overly complicated words has clouded the clarity of what the writer is trying to say. The final paragraph feels rushed and I would have liked the writer to have gone into more detail about what they will be including in their own composition.

Marked by teacher Nathan Smith 08/01/2013

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