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GCSE physical education coursework

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Analysing Performance Observation of netball player 'Sana Kamani' Position: Goal Attack Identify the important skills/techniques and fitness components needed for participation in the Goal Attack position of netball and explain why they are important, The key skills that Sana Kamani needs in order to participate in the games sport of netball are as follows: - Knowledge of rules Sana needs to have a good understanding of rules and positions of this sport, she needs to be aware of her and others positions and which sections of the court players are allowed and not allowed. - Fair Play Sana needs to keep control and not get tempted to go off side, foul or perform in any way which is unfair as penalties will be rewarded by referee which will benefit the opposing team. - Co-operation with umpire Sana needs to follow umpires instructions and must be able to control negative emotions towards umpire even if she feels the umpire's instructions or decisions are not fair and must not show any signs of rudeness towards the umpire as umpires have the right to send players off for bad sportsmanship. - Co-ordination Sana needs to have developed good co-ordination skills with her body. Co-ordination occurs as a result of interaction between the body's motor and nervous system. It enables the body to combine in producing a desired movement or sequence of movements. Co-ordination is essential in the maintaining of balance and controlling the movement of limbs which is crucial in netball as the limbs play separate parts in passing, catching and throwing the ball. Good co-ordination also helps avoid bumping into opponents as it helps you doge or side step and opponent. - Speed Sana needs to have a reasonable amount of speed to dodge the defenders and get free of her netball ball games. - Reaction time (Anticipation/timing) Sana needs to be able to react fast to a ball being passed to her or a defender running towards her, she will also need to have ...read more.


I am initially going to make it easier and then over the weeks raise the intensity as hopefully with the progression over the weeks her endurance would have improved. Time- I am going to make each session 30 minutes long as the training is going to be quite intense and I do not want to strain Sana by the end of each week because it may lead to her not having enough energy to focus on improving her weaknesses, I will also allow at least a minimum of a one day gap between sessions so Sana has time to recover. Type- I will need to vary the types of training practices over the six weeks I will start the programme with general training like circuit, continuous and fartlek training. I will then set up specific practices to improve her shooting, passing, and marking skills. How I will apply my three methods of training: Circuit Training: my circuit training will consist of continuous vaulting, press-ups, astride jumps, sit-ups, short shuttle runs and pull ups. Continuous Training: Continuous training improves endurance (aerobic capacity). The continuous training I am using in the personal exercise program for Sana is going to be running. Fatlek Training: Fartlek training is useful to enhance the aerobic and anaerobic system which is very useful for Sana as netball requires both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. The Fartlek training I will include in my personal exercise programme for Sana will be cycling. Although I will include these methods of training to increase Sana fitness levels, my main focus will be improving Sana's weaknesses and I will use these techniques just to maintain her good endurance. Personal Exercise Program Week 1: -Circuit Training, Sana will have to spend 30 seconds on each station, she can have a one minute rest after each circuit, she will repeat 5 times. - Fartlek training cycling (varying the speed) ...read more.


Her marking has also significantly improved, she now marks a lot better making it a lot harder for the opposition to pass, before the 6 weeks training the defending players from the opposition did not have difficulty passing the ball due to Sana's lack of marking skills. Sana's shooting now is also much more accurate she rarely misses shots when given opportunities, she is scoring a lot for her team even in difficult situations. The 6 week practice program has maintained her fitness and improved her skills well. The shooting, passing and marking sessions definitely improved her skills, she found better positions to pass, and shoot which lead her to improve the accuracy of her passes and shooting, she found her problems with shooting and passing before was due to the fact she used to stand in positions with a lot less balance unnecessarily. Her markings skills developed over simple and basic practice of different markings skills which she then performed and practiced in mini games that I set up in her 6 week training programme. Discuss with he player the results of the 6 week training program and record her-his views. Sana agrees with my observations made, she feels that the 6 week training programme benefited her netball skills drastically. Sana would like to maintain a similar exercise routine on a weekly basis so she can continue to progress as she is particularly pleased with the results. Sana is particularly pleased with her new shooting skills developed because she is surprised how a few body adjustments can make her shoot so accurately she feels she can shoot now with less though it just come naturally now. She also feels her endurance levels has increased, she said her body felt no longer fatigued at the end of a game, this is due to the heavy exercise methods I set up in the 6 week exercise programme her body has become used to high amount of exercise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Physical Education Course Work OCR Candidate Name: Robyn Monique Lumas Centre Number: 13427 Candidate Number: 1404 ...read more.

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