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Health-related Exercise/Training Programme

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AQA GCSE PE/Games Health-related Exercise/Training Programme Candidate name: Candidate no: Centre number: Sport/Activity: (Games candidates must do a game activity). Training method: For Teacher use only Teacher: Group: Planning (Max 20) Performing (Max 20) Monitoring (Max 20) Evaluating (Max 20) Blank page for your use I am a 15 year old male student who has naturally high levels of Cardiovascular endurance. I have represented my county, Berkshire, at both cross-country and athletics (1500m.) I have a passion for cross-country, and so am going to use the six week training period in order to increase further my levels of Cardiovascular endurance. I am going to use circuit training in the form of a fitness circuit in order to do this. Using the principals of training, Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility (and Tedium/training,) I will focus particularly on the Overload section because this is the principal which assures your fitness levels increase rather than level off at a plateau. In order to continue to overload my body, and therefore continue to improve my fitness, I must use the principals of overloading i.e. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type. I will focus on both the frequency and the time of my sessions throughout the six weeks, assuring that progression takes place, and that I do not reach a plateau in my training. The other principals of training which I will use are Specificity, this is important because I must keep my training specific to Cardiovascular endurance so that I assure progression is made on this area. The way in which I am doing this, is by using a fitness circuit (circuit training modified specifically to suit fitness training rather than skills training.) Also, progression, as you will see later in my project becomes a crucial factor here because I need to continually progress my training to ensure that any progress in terms of my fitness levels are made. ...read more.


It is for these reasons why I believe the flexibility of the step-ups is important, and also why I believe step-ups to be a suitable exercise for me to use in my fitness circuit in order to improve my levels of cardiovascular endurance. Appropriate application. Explain how your training will progress each time and how you will be working harder. 5 marks Before I can explain how I will progress my training from session to session, I must firstly explain what stations I have chosen to include in my circuit in session 1 and for how long i will perform each station. I can therefore then explain how i will progress my training from one session to the next, and therefore how I can assure that my fitness does not level off and reach a plateau. So, in session 1, I will perform the following fitness circuit: I will perform each station for 40 seconds, apart from my run, which will last five minutes. So, as you can see from the diagram above, I have chose to use a range of exercises, and a total of 10 stations. In order to make sure that my fitness progresses, I must use the training principal of Overload. The overload training principal is when I work my body harder than usual, as a result of this, over a period of time, my body will adapt to the increased demand that I am placing upon it, and therefore, my levels of fitness will improve. In week one, I will use the basic stations, and perform each one for 40 seconds. I will also include a run for 5 minutes. However, I must now adapt my circuit for each week, in order to assure that my levels of cardiovascular endurance increase, and that I am therefore constantly increasing the levels at which my body can work at for a prolonged period of time, and also to assure that my fitness levels to not level off and reach a plateau. ...read more.


(2) Was the programme easy to manage (set up, do, record progress etc?) The programme was easy to set-up and I easily recorded any progress which I made due to the use of my heart rate monitor which not only told me my current heart rate, but also indicated weather or not my training was inside my aerobic training zone. Therefore recording my progress was simple and straightforward because I knew that in order for my training to be effective, and ultimately, successful, I needed to be training within my aerobic training zone, and so therefore wearing a heart rate monitor enabled me to asses the effectiveness of my training. The set-up of my programme was also quite simple as I simply organized benches and matt's around the room, and then moved to whatever apparatus I needed next, so for example, I needed step-ups then I would move to the bench, and if I needed burpies, I would move to the matt. In terms of recording my results, that also was simple, as I needed to record if I was within my aerobic training zone, and for the vast majority of the time I was, as it was only when I came to do something like triceps that my heart rate fell below the zone. (2) If you were going to continue with the programme what changes would you make? * Re-design circuit, to include less leg exercises * Perform the cooper 12 minute run fitness test as well as the bleep test to give a wider range of data. * Carry out my programme over a longer period of time to give my body more time to adapt to overloading * Implement the principals of frequency and type as well as just time in order to make training more interesting and effective * Re-do the post-programme bleep test, to see which score I am truly capable of * Perform programme during the season to see what effect it has on my body and the scores I achieve. (2) By Matthew Green ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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