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Health-related Exercise/

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AQA GCSE PE/Games Health-related Exercise/ Training Programme Candidate name: Karan Varma 11X3 Candidate no: 0543 Centre number: 12430 Sport/Activity: Cricket (Games candidates must do a game activity). Training method: Circuit __________________________________________ For Teacher use only Teacher: Mr Conaghan Group:11B1 Planning (Max 20) Performing (Max 20) Monitoring (Max 10) Evaluating (Max 20) Diagram of circuit Planning Purpose/aim of the programme. Personal fitness profile. Explain how fit you think you are, and if you have any injuries or health problems. Outline how much physical activity you get in a typical week. State what targets you expect to achieve by the end of the 5 sessions in terms of aspects of fitness/skills you want to improve. 5 marks Awareness of safety aspects. Outline any potential risks with any apparatus/equipment. What factors will you need to consider when planning the order/types of exercises? Explain how and why you will prepare your body for exercise/and help it to recover afterwards. 5 marks Appropriateness of chosen exercises. Explain why you have chosen at least two of the exercises/ activities and how they will help you achieve your targets. 5 marks The two exercises that are important and will help me the most in cricket will be press up and hand eye co-ordination test. The reasons why I choose press up because it will increase your strength and make you stronger when you are hitting 6s and 4s. ...read more.


days of resting I think my heart rate would go lower Evaluation Planning Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Refer to your pre-test score(s) for any fitness test(s). By looking at my pre test score I have found out that that sprinting, agility test and co-ordination test are my main strength while power was not my main strength /2 Was the programme at the right level for you? The programme was not at the right level for me because I do think that the 1 minute session each was too much for my body as my muscle were getting really tried. I think an appropiate time would be around 30 sec than gradually the time will get higher /2 Were the exercises in the correct order? Explain why/why not. The exercises were in the correct order as I tried not to use the same muscle continuously except for hamstring muscles. Which I think I did use the hamstring muscle to much, I know this because in my session the first muscle that started to feel the strain in my hamstring but next time I would make a circuit but wont use the same muscle continuously for two stations /2 Were the exercises/ activities the correct ones to choose? Explain why/why not. ...read more.


/2 Final evaluation Make comments to explain the statements/questions in the first column (max 6 marks) Refer to your post test scores After I completed my post test score, all of the exercise had improved a lot. I think this is because of the sheer determination for me to work very hard on the exercises and I has happy to prove this by comparing my pre test scores with my post test scores /2 Explain what progress or improvements you have made as a result of completing the programme. In cricket when I am playing for the club and in school, I feel more confidence when I am fielding in the slip because I am good in catching as you can see in the co-ordination test. When I am batting I can hit the ball harder so they can go to the boundary line and I can run faster between the wickets /2 If you were going to continue with the programme what changes would you make? If I had to make any changes I would adapt the circuit training more to the sports cricket. I would concentrate the circuit mainly around speed, strength and hand eye co-ordination as it is mainly used in cricket, instead of agility run because in cricket they is no need of agility run as it is not used in the sport. /2 Karan Varma - 1 - P.E coursework ...read more.

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