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My Training Programme.

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Andrea Dobson 5.T My Training Programme The level of physical fitness is necessary to take on the demands of regular sporting activities. Although we may be fit from a health related point of view we may not be fit for sport.The purpose and aim of my training programme will be to work over a period of six weeks to improve my overall fitness and particularly my muscular endurance and strength for my chosen sport which is horse riding. I will be using circuit training, and jogging mainly in the programme but I will incorporate a bit of swimming into it to help build up the strength in my muscles and also stamina. Having this bit of variety in my programme will also help to prevent the tedium that may occur whilst training. Before embarking on my training programme, I need to know what my general fitness level is. With this and taking my chosen activity into account I will be able to design an appropriate programme with the right amount and type of training. At the present time my current level of fitness has decreased from its usual level, as I have not been attending the usual sports practices I would normally do. At the moment I would get the bus up to the stables and walk briskly for the ten minutes to the yard, then ride for up to an hour everyday, also working with the horse before and after actually getting on. ...read more.


Footwear should be comfortable and safely support the foot, also no jewelry should be worn to save it catching on clothing or equipment and ripping your skin. Also we must think about the equipment we use. We need to learn how to use pieces of equipment properly so we don't damage it or harm ourselves. For example we must take special care when using free weight not attached to a machine, as they can cause injury if not lifted, carried or placed down in the safe manner in which you should have been taught. Station Exercise Muscle working No. in 30 seconds 1. Bicep curls Biceps 20 2. Lunges Quadriceps 20 3. Abdominal curls abdominals 20 4. Heel raisers gastrocenemus 20 5. Box press ups Deltoids 20 6. Lower leg raises Abductors 20 7. Upper body raises 20 8. Back leg raisers 20 9. Bench dips 20 10. Upper leg raises Adductors 20 11. Abdominal curls (side) 20 12. Pec-decs Pectorals 20 The activities have to be varied around the circuit according to the muscles groups you are using at each station e.g. press-ups shouldn't be followed by tricep dips, or abdominal exercises like sit ups shouldn't be followed by crunches. A recovery period will be allowed between exercises, so quality work can be achieved and I can successfully complete the circuit. ...read more.


The body will then adapt to the extra stress and we will become fitter. We can overload our bodies by training more often, by working harder or by spending more time on exercise. Reversibility is when our muscles are not used and atrophy occurs-they waste away. We cannot store fitness for the future, as it will disappear if we stop training. It will take just a few weeks- about 3-4 for our body to start losing condition. Tedium-boredom can be avoided by varying our training programme by using a variety of different training methods that will keep our enthusiasm and motivation. My training programme is appropriate to my needs because it incorporates what I already do and more. The extra sessions of exercise are built up slowly using progression so I get the effect that I wish for. As my sport is horse riding I need to have very good balance and posture to look good and stay on, which is aquired by strong, toned muscles which I will be working to improve in my circuit training. I need the strength in my muscles to control the horse underneath me and the stamina to go for long periods of time using great bursts of power, these bursts of power and extra stamina is where the swimming and running will be improving as I will be continuosly working a variety of muscles for long periods of time improving my aerobic fitness. I believe this programme will help me to increase what I already have in all of these factors. ...read more.

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