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P.E coursework - Badminton

Extracts from this document...


Aims and objectives My main objective is to reach a high level in playing badminton. To do this I aim to increase my agility, strength and accuracy (coordination). Details Name: Luke Johnston Age: 16 Date of birth: 13/10/89 School: Colfe's Current Sport activities: Rugby U16s A Height: 1.81m 5ft11.5" Weight: 71.6 kg Injuries: Osgood Schlatters (growing pains in knees) Smoking & Alcohol: None Introduction I am going to do a training programme for Badminton. I will do this programme for 6 weeks, training 3-5 times a week. My goals are; 1. to improve my overall game play of badminton 2. to gain a high accuracy level with the element of power 3. to gain a much higher endurance around the court 1. I have not played badminton at a higher level such as with a club, I have only played the game in physical education lessons and considering my lack of playing the sport, I am quite decent. I have come to realize I can be good at this sport and so I will see how I will improve and test if I can become a good badminton player. 2. Whilst playing badminton during my physical education lessons I realized that I had little power and not much accuracy. I was quick around the court and this came as an advantage to me as this helped me beat a few opponents. My serves were below average in my group and so I will train upon these elements largely as they are the very important part of a successful match in badminton. 3. I have tested my endurance at school doing the Cooper Training and I ran 2820m in 12 mins. I shall want to improve this. I shall do this in two weeks to see if my endurance has increased. Also I did the Harvard Step Test and managed 69 steps in one minute. ...read more.


Monday - Hour of football - break time Strength training Press-ups - Full 1 minute Squat thrusts - Full 1 minute Star jumps - Full 1 minute Alternate squats - Full 1 minute Sit ups - Full 1 minute Bench Press - Full 1 minute Triceps dip - Full 1 minute Punching bag - Full 1 minute Tuesday - Hour of football - break time Agility training Station 1: 14.12secs 13.91secs Station 2: 13.47secs 13.71secs Station 3: 13.16secs 14.01secs Station 4: 9.13secs 8.89secs Wednesday - Hour of football - break time Gym circuit training Sparring: 1.5 minutes Step ups: 1.5 minutes Sit ups: 1.5 minutes Push ups: 1 minute Bench press: 1.5 minutes Triceps dips: 1 minute Free weights: 1 minute Back extension: 1 minute Thursday - Hour of football - break time Endurance training -Fartlek Pulse rate before = 74bpm Pulse rate just after = 151bpm Recovery rate = 3mins Friday - Hour of football - break time Accuracy 20mins accuracy shots Saturday Strength training Press-ups - Full 1.5 minutes Squat thrusts - Full 1.5 minutes Star jumps - Full 1.5 minutes Alternate squats -1 minute Sit ups - Full 1.5 minutes Bench Press -1 minute Triceps dip -1 minute Punching bag - Full 1.5 minutes Rest Gym - Rowing machine 1650m in 10 minutes. 1.4km in 10 minutes on the running machine Week 5 Morning Afternoon Evening Sunday Strength training Did not do Practice match 1st game - me 15-7 partner 2nd game - 12-15 3rd game - 20-18 Me 2-1 Partner Agility training Station 1: 13.47secs 13.94secs Station 2: 13.68secs 13.41secs Station 3: 14.16secs 13.71secs Station 4: 9.44secs 9.01secs Monday - Hour of football - break time Accuracy training 15mins serving practice 15mins clearance practice 15mins accuracy shots Tuesday - Hour of football - break time Practice match Did not do Wednesday - Hour of football - break time Gym circuit training Did not do Thursday - Hour of football - break time Endurance training -Fartlek Pulse rate before = 68bpm ...read more.


If I were to make another training program I would have included this in the beginning instead of my circuit training as I would include that near the end. This means I would increase my strength in a different way near the end of the program, increasing the level of strength a bit less dramatic rise in the level of work. My endurance levels were fairly low at the beginning of the program and so I improved it through all of my courses. Agility, strength and accuracy training increased it so I only included endurance (Fartlek) training after. This was an excellent idea because otherwise I would have done too much work and my body may not have coped with the amount of work. This worked well for me and I did eventually begin to increase in endurance. If I was to make another training program, I would have included a tiny bit of endurance training in the begging, slowly increasing it later on. Overall, my training program was a great success as I did beat my partner by quite a lot. This shows that my program made me progress in strength, endurance and accuracy. However, I was not able to improve greatly on my agility as I was injured, but according to the scores against my opponent, I felt that I have still increased slightly. Tedium was greatly used in this program as I kept changing accuracy courses and I went to the gym. This kept me interested in my program. My constant exercise meant that I did not reverse my fitness and so I did perform well in doing most of the sessions. I did not overload my body with too much work especially at the beginning which allowed me to improve throughout the program. This was performed very well as I stopped whenever I could not do any more. My program was kept closely related to the principles of fitness and this did make it very successful in making me a lot better and fitter in badminton. ?? ?? ?? ?? Luke Johnston Page 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Exercise and Training section.

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