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P/E Games candidate

Extracts from this document...


AQA GCSE PE / GAMES Health-Related Exercise / Training Programme Candidate Name: Hayley Anstee. Candidate Number: 6000 Centre Number: 31050 Sport / Activity: Football - General fitness (Games candidates must do a games activity) Training method: CIRCUIT TRAINING For Teacher use only Teacher: Group: Planning (Max 20) Performing (Max 20) Monitoring (Max 20) Evaluating (Max 20) MY CIRCUIT FITNESS TESTS: FITNESS TEST PRE PROGRAMME SCORE POST PROGRAMME SCORE BLEEP TEST Level 5.5 Level 6.2 ILLINOIS AGILITY TEST 19.8 secs 19.4 secs SIT & REACH 40cm 47cm 50 M SPRINT 8.61 secs 8.23 secs SIT UP'S 23 27 STANDING BROAD JUMP 1.35m 1.37m RULER DROP 47 cm 34cm LADDER RUN 9.29 secs 9.14 secs STORK STAND 5.01 secs 6.32 secs ALTERNATE HAND WALL TOSS 29.2 secs 41.3 secs SHOULDER LIFT 65 cm 69 cm STANDING VERTICAL JUMP 43cm 45cm LOW HURDLES 8.03 secs 7.46 secs BACK RAISES 6.23 secs 8.47 secs HANDGRIP DYNAMOMETRE 31 kg 35 kg LEG AND ARM RAISES 10.18 secs 13.14 secs Illinois agility test. Purpose: Agility is an important component in many team sports such as my chosen one football. Description: Length of course is 10 metres and the width 5 metres. 4 cones are used for the start, finish and turning points. A further 4 cones are used down the centre equal distances apart. The athlete lies on their chest and has their hands by their shoulders. The stopwatch is started when the athlete begins the transaction of getting up. The advantages of this test were: This is a simple test to do. Can test player's ability to turn different directions, and different angles with speed Requires little equipment. The disadvantages were: Choice of footwear and surface where event is done can effect time in which the run is completed. The variations were: The starting and finishing sides can be swapped, so that athlete has a varied running direction] Handgrip strength test. ...read more.


* Prepares an athlete mentally My Warm up Aerobic work I begin my warm up by doing a gentle jog for approximately 3 minutes ( more if necessary) to increase my heart rate to around 120 beats per minute (bpm) Then I do a lap of the pitch alternating forward and backwards jogging. I then do a width of the pitch doing side steps. Afterwards I will do a few ball skills to get my focus. Stretches Ankles: Loosen my ankles by lifting my right leg and rotating my foot clockwise and then anticlockwise for several seconds. Repeat with the left leg. Calves: Keeping my right foot firmly & straight on the ground, take a stride forward with my left leg and bend my left knee. Repeat with left leg. Stomach: lie down with my hands by my shoulders in the press-up position. Raise waist off the ground using my stomach muscles, and repeat several times. Stand up straight with your legs apart and muscles relaxed. Put your hands on your hips, and swing clockwise with your hips in a circular motion. Repeat going anticlockwise. Shoulders: Bring arms behind my back, keeping them together, and stretch backward. Neck: turn chin to left shoulder hold 8 secs, right shoulder hold 8 secs, upwards hold 8 secs & downwards for 5 secs. Arms: place hands together fingers entwined and stretch forward Hamstrings: Both feet flat on floor. Left knee bent, right knee straight in front. Lift toes upwards. Repeat with alternate legs. Groin: Legs shoulder width apart horizontally bend left leg and lean to the left repeat with the left leg After my exercises have been completed I need to warm down because our muscles can only cope with so much exercise in a period of time. If our muscles are vigorously worked they suffer an oxygen debt; if they are not given time to recover then an injury may occur. ...read more.


I had improved at everything! The difference between my pre-test and post-test scores was immense. I am now able to complete the ladder run the fastest in my class at a time of 9.14 seconds! Whereas before my program it was a mere 9.29 seconds. Because of these results I was able to evaluate my program concluding that it had helped me improve in a variety of areas. My post test scores enabled me to see my strength and weaknesses which is a great help as I know what areas my program improved the most, the least and where it lacked appropriateness. My area of strength from my stations was in particular the stations where agility was applied: the ladder run 9.14 secs and the Illinois agility run 19.4 secs. My main area of weakness was my balance: this was strongly evident from my stork stand 6.32 secs and also the leg and arm raises 13.12 secs which were a lot lower than my peers. My progress since I began my program has excelled beyond belief. I didn't believe the impact that a 6 week session could have on my game. I was a lot stronger on the ball when dribbling and my opponents found it a lot harder to remove the ball from my possession. My stamina was also a major improvement as I found it a lot easier to play a full physical game. The program has also contributed in me advancing to a higher levelled team. If I was to continue with my fitness program I would incorporate more activities such as weights in order to improve my upper body strength and muscle mass: I thing this would be a vital part in advancing to yet another higher level. I would also try and add a balancing station to my program to work on my major weakness. On a less serious note I would add music to my circuit to make it more enjoyable Hayley Anstee ...read more.

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