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Plan What is exercise? Quote from the dictionary. Anaerobic Aerobic Positive Benefits from exercise.

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Plan * What is exercise? Quote from the dictionary. 1. Anaerobic 2. Aerobic * Positive Benefits from exercise. 1. Cardiovascular system 2. Heart 3. Circulatory system 4. Muscles 5. Maximum oxygen consumption 6. Bone structure 7. Health improvements 8. Unlikely to get diseases 9. Mental improvements * Negative Aspects of Exercise 1. Physically: Injuries, Osteoarthrites, Anaemia 2. Mentally: Exercise addiction * Conclusion Is exercise really good for us? "Exercise is the exertion of muscles, limbs etc, especially for health's sake; bodily mental, or spiritual training"(6). There are two forms of exercise, aerobic: the requirement of the heart and lungs to pump oxygenated blood to the muscles continuously. It is done in the presence of oxygen and generates more energy units (adenosine triphosphate, or ATP) than anaerobic exercise. This form of exercise is the best way to become fit; it trains the entire cardiovascular system as well as specific muscular groups. Anaerobic exercise is high intensity exercise that can only be done for short periods, its dependant almost entirely on the production of energy from the stored glycogen in the muscles. There is no oxygen available because you have gone passed your bodies ability to provide oxygenated blood to your muscles. If oxygen is unavailable, glucose uses rise dramatically and waste products such as lactic acid builds up (5). ...read more.


Capillary density also changes increasing by up to 40 percent, enabling more oxygen, nutrients and hormones to be delivered to the muscles. This increases the muscles ability to use oxygen and store glycogen which together produces energy. Strength training increases the size and strength of muscles fibres, both types of exercise enable us to produce more mitochondria. Muscle development is determined by your testosterone levels and by the amount and type of muscular work you do (5). The maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max) decreases with age steadily after you reach 20. A slower rate of decline happens for those who participate in regular exercise, without a decline in fat-free body mass. Canada's McMaster University recently investigated the effects of exercise on maximum oxygen consumption. Over a course of 7 weeks VO2max increased by about 9%. At the beginning of the training course exercise lasted for about 14 minutes, by the end they had increased to 30 minutes. Therefore higher oxygen consumption means a higher stamina (4). From: McArdle, D. Katch, I. Katch, L. (2000) Essentials of Exercise Physiology (second edition). P565 Jumping and weight lifting exercise help to build bones, making them stronger and thicker. This is very important for women who have a high risk of developing osteoporosis - a thinning of the bones which make s them less stable and more likely to fracture - after menopause (6). ...read more.


Many psychologists believe that people suffering with the addiction can become addicted to exercise rather than alcohol or drugs. People continue to exercise despite injuries, the lack of a social life, or underachieving academically. Addicts often set impossible tasks and often feel failure when these targets are not meet. Not all people who over train are exercise addicts, some people wrongly believe that more is better. These people haven't realised the limitations of their own bodies. Many people don not realise that it is actually natural and most importantly healthy to have body fat, especially within the female anatomy where it is essential to the reproductive and immune system functioning. If body mass decreases drastically enough the bodies metabolism can be seriously upset, and the immune system can be weakened. Another possible result is amenorrhoea-an abnormal interruption of menstruation- research done by Barbara Drinkwater Ph.D. has concluded that exercise-associated amenorrhoea is linked with a decrease in bone mass (5) Conclusion Therefore I conclude that exercise has many positive benefits like prolonging life, making you feel a better person, physically and psychologically. Helping you achieve the your goals in life. But exercise can only be done in the right quantity depending on a particular person. Excessive exercise can lead to mental instability and physical injuries. Quality exercise not the quantity of exercise is important, don't let it take over your life. ...read more.

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