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Strengths Skill/technique Tackling In rugby when you do not have the ball you have to defend. To do this you stop the opposition

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Strengths Skill/technique Tackling In rugby when you do not have the ball you have to defend. To do this you stop the opposition by tackling the person with the ball. Tackling is a very important skill in rugby whatever position you are playing and it is one of my strengths. Not only is it the skill of tackling that I am good at but the decision to choose the type of tackle. There are many forms of tackling and they are needed in different circumstances. For example when you are tackling someone who is only meters away from the try line you want to smother tackle him. This means that you are covering up his arms and the ball meaning that if he did get over the try line you are likely to prevent him from scoring as your hands will be around or underneath the ball. Smothering a player can also be useful as it can prevent the player offloading the ball when being tackled. Playing flanker it means that I have to cover a lot of ground when playing a mach and it is my job to try and turn over and win the ball. This is one of the reasons why I believe that I am a good tackler. ...read more.


Stamina (aerobic fitness) Stamina is the ability to work for relatively long periods of time without becoming tired. Stamina is also known as aerobic capacity or cardio-respiratory endurance. It is the ability of our heart and lung systems to cope with activity over a period of time. Stamina is important in any team game and is very important for my position, flanker as I have to get around the pitch. With a high level of stamina it means I can be at most rucks and mauls, and last the whole game and my skill levels stay high throughout the game. One of the reasons that I have a high level of aerobic fitness is because I have a high VO2 max which is . Due to me having a high VO2 max means that I can use much more oxygen the other people. I can work my body at a higher rate for longer periods and will suffer less fatigue than people with a lower VO2 max. You can measure your stamina by doing several tests one of these being a 12 minute cooper run which I ran 3300m which is a high score. I have a high level of stamina because I do a lot of aerobic training such as jogging, cycling and swimming. ...read more.


With me trying to improve my speed it would be an advantage if I could improve my agility as they are both related. Strategy/technique Spatial awareness Spatial awareness is the ability to realise what and who is around you. It helps if you have good special awareness in any team game as it allows you to notify what you should do. Decision-making is part of spatial awareness, as you have to realise who is around you and what you should do. For example if you got an overlap and that you should do a miss pass, or if there is no fullback and that you should chip it over the top. If I had better spatial awareness it would make me a better overall player. It would specifically make me a better player if I had better spatial awareness when playing scrum half. It would mean that I could notify where the fullback is and if I should box kick the ball over the top. It would also help me in making a decision such as passing the ball out or going for a run. I no that my spatial awareness is not that good because I have had feedback off my fellow teammates telling me so. In some circumstances I have ran with the ball into contact when we had an overlap. ...read more.

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