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The purpose of taking part in this programme is to examine how physically fit I am, whether in General or Specific fitness.

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P.E. Coursework The purpose of taking part in this programme is to examine how physically fit I am, whether in General or Specific fitness. At the moment my fitness level can be classed as 'above average', due to my ability to do everyday activities without getting too tired after completing it. I am able to carry out simple exercises when needed, and also have the energy to carry out complex manoeuvres. My fitness levels are acceptable where my P.E. work is concerned. It doesn't affect my performance, which I can say is normally quite good. To maintain my overall fitness levels, I take part in after school clubs, and activities that take part out of school. I assume I have a normal lifestyle compared to many other students. On non-school days, I get up at approximately 11:00 am, have some cereal and complete my chores. After completing my chores, I regularly sit on the computer for approximately three to four hours, chatting to people and/or playing games with friends. On Tuesdays at 7:00pm, I attend an outer-school club that lasts for one and a half hours. There are numerous activities that can be done, which ranges from table football to hockey. I used to train with one of my local football teams, but unfortunately, I failed to meet the requirements of the team, and I was kindly asked to leave. My daily diet is not too bad. On Mondays, dinner consists of rice and fried or baked chicken. On Tuesdays, we have a vegetable dinner, which may include broccoli and cauliflower, with prawns. We repeat the dinner on Monday for Wednesday, and order Chinese on Thursday, which has eggs, peas, chicken and beef cubes all mixed into one. For Fridays, I have takeaways. On Saturdays, I have pasta or soup, or baked potatoes and fish. Then on Sundays, the dinner consists of rice n' peas with chicken and a salad with coleslaw. ...read more.


There is no point in kicking the ball as hard as possible if you are passing to your teammate who is right next to you. He might not be able to control it. After the passing is the shuttle run at station five. This helps the legs to perform at an increased pace to increase speed, which will in turn be very useful if you need to retrieve a loose ball in a football match. This exercise is done by standing sideways on to the start line, knees slightly bent. Run to the line at the other end of the station, bend down and touch with right hand and then run back to first line and repeat. There is the ladder test at station six. This, amongst all the other stations work on the legs, but this exercise has a somewhat advantage over the rest. It is a mix between using speed and precision to successfully complete it. The aim is to run as fast as possible through the ladder without hitting the ropes. One must try their best to refrain from getting tangled with the ropes. If that happens, he/she could fall and the injuries could be fatal. All footballers must be able to dribble the football. Station seven is specific to this technique. To complete this exercise, one must be very agile and very precise with the legs. This exercise is done by manoeuvring the ball through the cones, trying desperately not to hit them. The last station on my circuit is the sprint running. This helps the legs to perform at a faster pace and helps footballers to have much more stamina. It is also highly used in small areas because there is no movement. This exercise is done by running on the spot, but with sprinting with high knee lift and fast arm action. I was motivated by my friends to do this circuit, because they all thought that I was falling behind in my football skills. ...read more.


My aim is improving Sit-ups 27th April 2003 118 73 Quite hard. I still haven't burned off the extra fat yet. Passing 27th April 2003 99 62 I haven't been having much trouble on this exercise. Shuttle run 27th April 2003 114 72 I feel like I'm getting faster. Ladder test 27th April 2003 112 65 Getting better every time. Dribbling 27th April 2003 94 64 Improving. The ball was controlled throughout. Sprint Running 27th April 2003 128 77 Easiest. of the lot. From analysing these graphs, I can safely say that in most cases, my heart beats per second decreased as I moved further into the training programme. This means that the volume of my heart had increased, which means that I am able to pump more blood around the body from one contraction. In my opinion, this was the best training method available to me in the given space. The circuit was appropriate to this programme because my chosen area to work on was football. I did all the exercises in the right order, because I wanted to spread the workload over the upper body, instead of working on the feet first, then the body, or vice versa. If I wanted to make this exercise even harder, I could adapt the principles of overload, and decrease my recovery time, putting more effort on my heart. Holidays and day offs affected the running of the programme dramatically because it means that I miss a week off doing it, which could explain why some of my results were worst than that of the previous week. I enjoyed the programme very much, because it has increased my morals. I am very pleased with the results from this exercise, because it shows that I have a healthier boy, which in turn will attract the ladies. On week one I was hardly able to complete thirty sit-ups on my circuit, but by week eight, I was able to do over eighty, this therefore means that the muscular endurance in my abdomen has increased, making me able to complete more sit-ups in a shorter period of time. ...read more.

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