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There are four basic principles applied in all training sessions to skill and fitness, these are;Specifity Overload Progression Reversibility

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Adam Garner 11A Principles of Training There are four basic principles applied in all training sessions to skill and fitness, these are; * Specifity * Overload * Progression * Reversibility Specifity The training must be specific to the sport or activity which means that it should concentrate on the particular needs for the sport during training. For example if you're a runner and you want to be specific to your sport its no good going and lifting weights as it will have little effect on your aerobic capacity. You should base your training on the type of fitness required and the particular muscle groups needed during your sport. If you aren't training for any specific sport and you just want to loose weight or improve overall look you should work on cardiovascular fitness exercises and moderate strength and resistance exercises. ...read more.


Progression This is closely related to overload in which the body adapts through overload. If the overload is increased in the wrong way then the body will not take too well to it and there will be no progression. This can be seen when a performer stops at the same level which is known as plateau. If the overload is increased correctly then progression can easily be seen as over time you start finding you can do the current training session without a struggle. This is when overload comes back into it as you have to apply the F.I.T.T principle again to progress any further. Reversibility This is the complete opposite of progression. ...read more.


If you find doing just the same old free weights a bit boring you could try the different machines as the can be just as successful if they work on the same muscle groups that your training for. To achieve the maximum out of training you should you must follow other guidelines, for instance if you want to achieve any level of fitness you must train 3/4 times a week at least 20 mins per session. The heart rate should rise between 60-80 % of maximum heart rate. Another rule is to not go out and do 7 days a week training as your body wont be able to hack it. The general rule following the F.I.T.T principle is go every other day ...read more.

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